A History of STREAKING!

The Surprising History of Streaking (Yes, the Naked Kind)


Streaking is very white and very male. ---------



More than 500 years ago, the first known streakers ran with noble intentions.


Yes, streaking--the kind people first think of when you talk about run streaks, and the silly counterweight to the emotional heaviness of giving your all. Just as an asthmatic pug is the same species as a greyhound, so too is streaking in the same species a Kipchoge marathon. It is running's wacky cousin, its quirky neighbor. And it's a reflection of how seriously we take our own rules, and ourselves.-----(article)

Running through a public space fully or partially nude has a long history with motivations to match the era. During the 15th century, the Adamites protested the Holy Roman Empire's buttoned-up morality by running naked through their Bohemian village, as Adam and Eve would have intended, if Adam and Eve, like the Adamites, had regarded monogamy as a sin. Historians say Quakers--Quakers!--revived the practice in the 17th century, protesting the Church of England and often urging onlookers to repent.-------(article)



America's first streaker was a Washington & Lee (then called Washington College) student named George William Crump. Though his motivations were lost to time, he was suspended for a semester after being arrested for running nude through his college town in 1804. But don't worry about Crump. He would go on to become a doctor and, later, a congressman------(article)

The first notable sporting event to be interrupted by an attention-grabbing solo streaker was the England-France rugby match at London's Twickenham Stadium in--of course--1974. An Australian named Michael O'Brien made good on a bet with an English friend when he ran nude onto the pitch around the match's halfway mark. As O'Brien was hauled away, a police officer placed his hat over the man's nethers, which led to one of the most iconic photos of streaking, if not all of sports, in the 20th century.------(article)

This laid the foundation for the modern superstar streaker. The most successful is Mark Roberts of Liverpool, England, who has streaked more than 550 events since he started with a Hong Kong rugby match in 1993. He's streaked soccer games, golf tournaments, Wimbledon, the Olympics, and a Miss World beauty pageant. At the end of halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII, Roberts darted onto the field dressed as a ref, stripped down to a thong, and danced in front of a stunned Panthers kickoff squad before a Patriots linebacker tackled him.


Roberts has become so notorious that security around big sporting events in the U.K. are given his photo in advance.


Roberts is a purist, streaking for the love of entertaining crowds during an event's lull. He doesn't interrupt in-progress games, nor does he bear any political messages.......-------(article)

 But by and large, it's a sport for white men -------(article)

theraskal -

But by and large, it’s a sport for white men -------(article)

The “sport” of streaking…Not a sport dimwit.

By and large you are one nutty sum-bitch karasu.

That damn city living has fried your brain.

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But by and large, it’s a sport for white men -------(article)

The “sport” of streaking…Not a sport dimwit.

By and large you are one nutty sum-bitch karasu.

That damn city living has fried your brain.

LOL the city offers an excellent environment for a curious mind to increase its INTELLIGENCE.  I am expose to great diversity for which to study this data to form highly SCIENTIFIC observations.


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C'mon everyone, let's go streak the quad!!! Everyone is doing it!


Streaking was a big high school hobby. Absolutely would have a few arrests for it in my name if I did it now. Back then, it was just funny. Wouldn't be uncommon to go out late at night shitfaced to a restaurant, and one of the group would just stroll out of the bathroom with nothing on but a baseball cap. Really not packing the gear to go walking into a party W no clothes on, but it happened about once a month.