A**hole Tailgater Gets Lesson In Dad Strength!


Assholes all around. Tailgater clearly deserved the whooping, but get the fuck over dad.


Traffic Control

Dad didn’t have skills but he was determined and landed the right punch more than once.

Good for him.

In America some hoodlum scum probably would have shot up his car, killing the entire family.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say i fucking hate reddit and their format


Yeah, looked like the driver had plenty of opportunity to get over into the other lane and let the asshole go, but tailgater was driving like a thousand percent douche canoe.

I agree, taking his keys and throwing them into the woods would have been hilarious.

Where in that video did you see space for him to move over? Exactly nowhere. Dad did the right thing. Fuck the tailgater!


All those additional punches to the head while the guy was down, was

very satisfying.


People just need to be patient, the freeways in Michigan if you’re not going 85 - 90 you’re in the way, its ridiculous.

Play stupid games yadda yadda yadda. I know it’s most likely Russia but when I lived in Germany, people were the same way. No one gives way and when you try to overtake someone, they take it personally. Nice people out of their cars, assholes behind the wheel.

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I thought Germany was the driving etiquette capital of the world?

:25-:35, :39-:50

Not even close. I’ve seen guys go three lanes over just to cut someone off and brake check them. Seen a dude go through a rest stop once at full autobahn speed just to get around traffic to cut someone else off. Assholes bro.

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Dad had plenty of opportunities to get over. Get the fuck over if someone is going faster than you. The people who choose not to get over when they know they can, are the worst


anyone know the country or language?

Only if you live in a shithole lib city.

If you tailgate, you’re the cunt.


Russia would be my guess

Maybe Poland? Either way, the tailgater was also the physical aggressor, and was properly embarrassed.

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He was passing cars. Why get over and encourage bad behavior?