** A Holiday Message to All **

A Holiday Message from Showdown Entertainment's President 'Showdown Joe' Ferraro

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every visitor to www.showdown.ca the best of the holiday season. May the holiday cheer bring happiness to you all and the festive occasions you celebrate bring joy to you and your families. Season's Greetings to all and I wish nothing but success to all of you.

Full message at www.showdown.ca

I apologize to all for not updating the site in the past week or so (running around of course), but last night I stayed up late and loaded it up with all the UFC and Pride stuff. Again, www.showdown.ca.

I'll continue to update the site throughout the holiday season as I will be in contact with many of the major players in the Canadian scene. Of course, calling them to wish them the best of the holiday season is one thing, but I'll do my best to get some juicy tidbits or quotes from everyone.

Warmest Regards,

Joe Ferraro





Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Ferraro !!!

The shirt he sent her that won her heart !

Joe's a pimp !

Holy crap those pics make me laugh!

I still love the subtle "unibrow"




** Looking for missle launch code **

** Destination: Coburg **

putting on helment & climbing into a foxhole

Whew !!!

"Coburg" is in Germany..

"CobOurg" is in Ontario... ;)

taking off the helment & climbing out of the foxhole

** readjusting co-ordinates due to stupidity **

LOL !!!


putting helment back on & climbing back into the foxhole

Posting blind:


Joe! You looked like you meant to fart but drew mud instead!


Thank you guys for putting that up...lol.

Damn, now I want to hear Joe's commentary.

lol @ that pic... Joe's reaction was classic too...

Joe, that's a nice pic of you giving the thumbs up beside Quadros & Trigg.

Merry Christmas to you and the Wife! see you boxing day