A Homage to my Late Professor

It is a Side control escape that My Coach Ryan Gracie used to do a lot. He had a great timing on that technique.

Nice!!!!  Always liked watching old footage of Ryan.  Rip.

Very nice techniques Phone Post 3.0

Great escapes. Thanks for posting.

sub'd. those escapes are right up my alley.... great moves.

nice...thanks! also that's a good looking gym

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

good options. How safe is the first escape to use on training partners? seems harsh on the neck.

Love this one for no gi. For gi I tried it but got caught in lots of paper cutter chokes Phone Post 3.0


Great Guys thanks for all the good response. And yes with the gi you will need a very good timing to do it I can post another video on when to apply and Yes it could be a little harsh on the neck if the timing on taking advantage of his reaction is delayed.

Cool stuff Phone Post

. Phone Post

Thanks for sharing this and all your other videos Renato.

for later

Thank You Guys!

Nice cant wait to drill Phone Post