A. Johnson misses weight by 12 lbs. for UFC 142

BzGrappla - Ok hol up .. before everyone goes crazy do any of you give them the benifit of doubt being in another country and not being able to take teh weight off properly?

sauna issue? time change issue ? diet issue?

yay or nay?

Nope, you're supposed to be a fucking professional. Pretty sure he knew where he'd be fighting, up to him to be a man and do research if he thought he was going to have issues.

 the 205 comment fr Vitor was at 'fight time'.

 wot a bernie mac and chesse motherfucker,vitor spark this bitch out

i hear u. i didnt know it was 15 pounds

What a joke. Make him fight hw from now on. Phone Post

Rumble is hella lucky this is held in Brazil aka no mans land.

No commission to worry about. This wouldn't fly anywhere in the states that's for sure.

Really unprofessional and I hope he gets a big chunk of his purse taken as well as suspended after this.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk -  the 205 comment fr Vitor was at 'fight time'.

Vitor is still restricting his rehydration process which is going to fuck with Rumble in the fight. If he can stay out of Rumbles wheelhouse for a round or 2 he should be able to blast away on him.

 WTF? How does he make 170!!??

 Imo Vitor has always been over-rated.

Anthony Rumble Johnson's a fucking joke. The guy's talented and all, but all his fights have been complete size mismatches. Look at his fight with Brennemann as a perfect example. This is why weight classes are there in the first place. To avoid size mismatches. To avoid one guy winning with the primary difference being size. I hope they hit him with a ton of bricks if he fucks up this fight as well. If he had any warrior spirit he'd fight people his own size, and moved up to 205 years ago.

Vitor is getting 20 percent of his purse

so will rumble still weigh in at whatever crazy weight he's at?

lol fumble johnson. he'll certainly "break" vitor with that added weight.

 Honestly if he came in THAT far over I'd refuse to fight him.

It's complete BS.

THIS is why I hate this guy Phone Post

197 :s

White dudes always make weight Phone Post

He jsut weighed in at 197.... wat

He weighed 197. Holy shit.

random weight agreement is random.