A little help Underground?

Can someone help me out? Last year I went 3-0 in amateur fights and my coach told me it was time to make the leap to professional competition. Before I could though I shipped out for basic training and now live in another state. I'm back to training at a local gym and eager to pick up where I left off. The thing is I can't get in contact with my former coach and he has ALL of my footage. I've called, facebooked (?), tried to FaceTime....everything. No reply. My question is, is it possible to fight for a promotion with no video? It's tough to find fights, amateur or pro here and I'd really like to move forward with my career. Any advice at all will help a ton. Thanks. Phone Post 3.0

A lot of it has to do with management. I recommend you get that on point before anything. There have been many potentials out there who get completely hosed due to management.

Name your former coach and gym and maybe even the events you fought at. maybe someone here knows him or has copies of the fights you were in.

What's your location OP? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks everybody. Im in Upstate New York right now. Fights were in Cali-Mexico they gray area where regulations aren't so tight I'm sure they weren't C.A.M.O. Which is why I'd need video. My coach's name is Cosmoe he coaches at the Complex training center in Jacksonville, FL. Really good guy, great coach. Phone Post 3.0

bump to help this guy find his fight footage.

Update everybody, I'm squared away! One of my friends has one that he's going to send me and I'll go from there. Thanks again, I'll vote everybody up as soon as I can! Phone Post 3.0

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