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remember that show like 2 years ago that put up special forces versus like swat guys, delta, seals and all those guys but it was like a reality show where one of them got kicked off at the end? what was it called

Combat Missions: Four-person teams, composed of current and former members of the military, engage in tests of physical endurance, discipline and strategy.
TV Network: USA Network Episodes: 15
Premieres: January 16, 2002 10:00 p.m. (E/P), Wednesdays
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Synopsis: Rudy Boesch, the crusty retired Navy SEAL from the first "Survivor" show, will host Combat Missions. The press release states that the cast will be "made up of existing and former members of elite tactical units -- such as the Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Marine Recon, Army Rangers, Delta Force, Air Force P.J.'s, SWAT and other specialty law enforcement" They will "live on a secret military base, and compete in events that test the limits of physical ability, tactical strategy, and mental discipline in a series of staged military-themed and styled missions." The prize money of $400,000 will be divided among the teams. This new show was developed by Mark Brunett, the producer of "Survivor."


‘Combat Missions’ Participant Among Those Murdered in Iraq

by David Bloomberg -- 04/02/04


Reality TV viewers may remember Mark Burnett’s series, Combat Missions, from a couple years back. News recently broke that Scott Helvenston, one of the contestants from that show, was among the men murdered and mutilated in the Iraqi mob attack earlier this week.