A little mayo in rice is a good thing

Anyone else agree? I make food for work almost daily, and my base is usually rice or couscous. Ive been adding a bit of mayo on top to whatever else I might add(garlic, teriyaki, sesame oil, curry, pine nuts), and it adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the dish. Phone Post 3.0

White as fuck Phone Post 3.0

mayo and soysauce

I make grilled cheese with mayo on the inside but I've never thought to put it on rice. I will try this. Phone Post 3.0

That sounds fucking gross. Shoyu and/or furikake, gravy, even ketchup if there's nothing else. Phone Post 3.0

Shoyu and furikake. Or shoyu and creole Phone Post 3.0

EVOO Phone Post 3.0