A look at my new axe-to-come

Next semester (or maybe even this semester) I'll be in the market for a new trumpet. There are alot to choose from, but I'm thinking around the $1500 range.

I've had my eye on this one for a little bit. Reviews so far have been very good. It's a Zeus Olympus. It's a new design that's less then a year old, and it sells for $1500.

Check it out

img src=http://www.zacharymusic.com/Zachary_Music/ZTR1000ABL_16b.JPG

You might be asking what some of the features are.

-Very large bore (so the horn blows more open)

-Reverse leadpipe (so air is less constricted on the inside)

-Minimally braced construction (for added vibrations, overtones, and resonance)

-Heavy bottom caps

Here is one with a copper bell and leadpipe.
img src=http://www.zacharymusic.com/Zachary_Music/ZTR1000ARW_01.JPG

It sure is his axe. Axe refers to the tool by which you accomplish your trade. Whether you play Sax,trumpet,guitar,bass, I say if you swing it, it's your axe.Piano players are of course excluded unless they can bring it to the beach. ;)


Hillbilly, that trumpet was made in tradition with Miles Davis' red-colored Martin Committee that he used to play on. Taylor trumpets are the 2nd most expensive (overall) trumpets you can find, and they make some very oddball custom-designs. I think they have a new one called the "Phoenix", LOL.

A portible keyboard can be considered an axe.

Thanks Racer

What are the most expensive?

Thats Beautiful.

I'm always amazed that such a simple looking instrument can be so complicated and create such a huge spectrum of sounds.

I'm also impressed that you can save a sound on a floppy disk though.

Hillbilly, typcially Monette's are the most pricy. $10,000 +.


DasBeaver, I think that out of all the 'single-note' instrumets (only 1 note at a time), the trumpet is the best. Out of all the brass instruments, it is the most agile. Well it's not the most powerful instrument in an orchestra, if you told an orchestra to play as loud as they can, the trumpets are going to be heard before everyone else.

I play it for hours and hours a day, and I never get sick of playing or listening to it.

Ooh,ooh, even better:

The Monette Decorated Presentation:I don't care if it sounds better or not, that is awesome.

That thing is beautiful!

lol RX. Thats not an axe, this is an axe!

"I don't care if it sounds better or not, that is awesome"

The Monettes are a bit of a subject in the trumpet-world, and not just for his high prices. If a trumpet player in an orchestra brought a Monette to a rehearsal, he'd get laughed out of the gig (unless the entire trumpet section are all playing on Monette's....which there are some).

Because of all the extra weight, the sound is very dark (not quite as dark as a flugelhorn), but it still projects like a trumpet, so it's a very different sound, and doesn't really match up an a trumpet section.

RX, That particular horn you posted is in the range of $20-30,000 range new, I believe.