A man killing several people with bow in Norway

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Assault bow


Quivers shall now be loaded with no more than 3 arrows, 2 if there’s one loaded.


Works for me. That is exactly what I carry already. 1 to kill what you are hunting. 1 extra in case of loss. i.e. Getting hung up going through the thick shit, and it catches on a branch or whatever and falls out of your quiver.

And one extra just because I like to be prepared. I laugh my ass off when I see guys lugging a dozen arrows around the mountains while hunting. It screams loudly…I don’t practice my shooting at all, thus I have no confidence in my shooting abilities, so I may need to take many shots to score with one of them.

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Was it an assault bow and high capacity quiver? Hollowpoint cop killer arrows?



Hurry, ban sticks and rope!


Damn, I’ve been there. Nice little town

You won’t be laughing when you run into a horde of zombies

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Well…that’s fucked up. Meanwhile, somewhere in America, fat fucks in camo are hunting deer with scoped assault rifles.


Its time for common sense bow control

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I just read the story and apparently they are authorizing police to have guns while they figure this out… but the guy is already under arrest… and they are investigating if it’s an act of terror…

Why arm the police AFTER you’ve used your assault whistles to arrest the guy with a bow and arrow?

Of course it’s in case a nude pygme village of arrowslingers bring on a 2nd wave of assault

Oh my, multiple independent source tell Norwegian media the guy had converted to Islam.

You don’t say…

The story is about to be deep space nined.

LOL at not even questioning him yet. Also that they don’t know what his motives were. LOL.

Change log: In an earlier version of this case, TV 2 wrote that the accused man was ethnic Norwegian. Later, the police stated that the man is a Danish citizen. This was corrected at 02.24.

On Wednesday night, five people were killed and two injured in a dramatic incident in Kongsberg.

A man has been arrested.

  • We have no suspicion that anyone else was involved, and currently believe that the man was alone about the incident, says Øyvind Aas, head of the operational unit in the police in Kongsberg.

Sources: Convert
Several independent sources inform TV 2 that the accused man is a convert to Islam.

He has been in contact with the Norwegian health service several times.

One of the police’s most important tasks will therefore be to clarify the motive for the attacks in Kongsberg, and the man’s possible health condition.

Not questioned
Late Wednesday night, the man has still not been questioned.

  • The motive has not yet been revealed. It will be natural to investigate whether it is a terrorist incident, says Aas.

Police do not know when they will be able to interrogate the arrested man.

  • It will of course be very important to hear his explanation, and why he has committed these actions, says Aas.

The man was arrested at 18.47 on Wednesday night. He was then sent to arrest at the police station in Drammen.

Prior to the arrest, there was first a confrontation with the police, before the man got away from the scene.

When the police later found the man again, warning shots were fired by the police, before the man was arrested.

Following the arrest, extensive police investigations have been carried out in Kongsberg center. The police have also been to an address in Kongsberg and made investigations in connection with the case.


He was sick of being called the worst Avenger.