A Master of 56 Martial Arts....

Apparently including a 10th dan in self defence, and a 10th dan in "Mexed" Martial Arts.

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matt hughes called, wants his hunting jacket back

seriously tho i'd like to spar with this guy Phone Post 3.0

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Sign him up Dana! Bruce Buffer would have a hell of a hard time introducing this multi-faceted beast.

Chuck Norris runs in fear Phone Post 3.0

There are many actual masters/lifelong practitioners of these martial arts that devote their entire lives and never attain a 10th Dan, to claim he has so many truly shows how little about martial arts in general this guy knows so I can't imagine he knows the first thing about any of the specific disciplines he's named there. It's a shame people like him exist. Phone Post 3.0

in early as fuck 

1st page. Things should get good in the morning. What a clown Phone Post 3.0

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teamquestnorth - 1st page. Things should get good in the morning. What a clown Phone Post 3.0
Street rapid defense system sounds pretty interesting Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, this guy lives in a fantasy world Phone Post 3.0

Man Seer Kung Pai - isn't that a finishing position in porn ?

Guy is a straight up killer! Phone Post 3.0

I expect great things here... Phone Post 3.0

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Ice Cold.

Love the hand drawn sharpie marker stripes on his belt.

I thought he was making it up but then I realized it was not Okinawa GoJu Ryu, but Okonawa Go JuRyu. So now it makes sense.

I'm a pretty big martial arts dork and I've never even heard of most of that stuff. I very much doubt he has an 8th Dan in Judo though. Phone Post 3.0

" Depositary Master of Italian Hand Weapons Combat System."



I need Lupo to confirm this Italian and his 'hand weapons '. Wtf is that-pasta strainer and sauce pan?