A Message From Kenny Florian

A Message from Kenny FLorian.. Fight Announcement

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Posted On 08/30/2006

I take great honor in announcing that I will be fighting Sean Sherk for the Lightweight World Championship at UFC 64 on October 14th at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. I just started my formal training for the fight.

Sean Sherk comes into the fight with a 29-2-1 record. His last fight was at UFC 59, where he won by unanimous decision over Nick Diaz. Sherk is a very strong wrestler. But it takes more than wrestling to be a mixed martial arts champion. In this fight, I am the multi-dimensional fighter. I will be at the top of my game. He will be attacked in several different ways. His weaknesses will be found and exploited.

I know that I come into the fight as the underdog. Sherk has certainly amassed an impressive record. He's typically ranked in the top 5 at 170lbs. So supposedly, he must be unbeatable at 155lbs. This will be Sherk's 2nd attempt at a UFC World title, he will lose again.

Stay with the Flo,

Kenny 'KenFlo' Florian

maybe he should have waited on this one a little longer.

jumping the gun imo

Kenny is in for a world of hurt.

Im starting a Paypal account for the Bear Suit that Florian will need in this fight.

Please send all donations to:


I like kenflo but he won't beat sherk.........

Ken will win this that is my call and I am sticking too it.

This will definitely be Ken Florian's toughest challenge. Could be very interesting if he takes Sherk out.

Kenflo is tough and will put up a huge fight and give the fans what they want to see. I see Sherk winning but this fight will rock.


Win Bobby McAndrews Submission (Kimura)
Mass Destruction 15
Lose Drew Fickett Decision (Split Decision)
COMBATZONE 7: The Gravel Pit
Lose Diego Sanchez TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes)
Ultimate Fighting Championship: The Ultimate Fighter Finale
Win Alex Karalexis TKO
Ultimate Fighting Championship: Ultimate Fight Night 1
Win Kit Cope Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Ultimate Fighting Championship: The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale
Win Sam Stout Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Ultimate Fighting Championship: The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale



why is he fighting for the title instead of franca?  joe stevenson? jens? mark hominick? jorge gurgel?

who has he beat that earned him a shot at the vacant title? or is this just to finally guarantee sherk a ufc belt?

"or is this just to finally guarantee sherk a ufc belt?"

That's what I'm going with. I think Florian must be semi retarded to say something like that. Sherk is actually a pretty well rounded fight. Sherk went 5 rounds with a guy many consider the best mma fighter pound for pound in Matt Hughes. Not sure what Kenny is thinking.

Sherk will finish Florian within 2 rounds.

Good to see that he is confident in his skills, but this may be the first serious mma injury we have ever seen in the octagon.

Sherk will wreck him. bad.

"why is he fighting for the title instead of franca? joe stevenson? jens? mark hominick? jorge gurgel?"

I like both kenflo and Sherk, but why these two?

And why not have some sort of tournement for the belt even if its stretched over a couple shows?

I think it has to be impossible to submit that stubby armed fellow.

Kenflo played it smart and took Stout down. He never stood with Stout and if he had it would have been lights out. The same would happen with Fisher.

Kenflo is smart and takes the fights to his domain. This is why I think he'll do well against Sherk. I do not think he will win though.

It would be a beautiful sight to see Sherk smash KenFlo like Diego did.

Why do people assume that if a guy goes down a weight class they will be better and even unbeatable. Sean is great at 170, no guarantee he will be that great at 155. 2 words for you Joe Riggs, he will be unbeatable blah blah blah. I believe Ken Shamrock looked much better at heavyweight then a 205er. Some guys lose a lot of strength when they go down. It might not happen to Sean but it could. 2point

Any fighter who doesn't believe in his own abilities has no chance...One of the things that makes Diego so good is the guy truely doesn't believe he can lose. Don't get me wrong I think Sherk will make this fight look like Diego vs. Kflo 2 but I admire the fact that the dude is confident going into this fight. It will make for a far more entertaining battle.


^^right, kenflo's subs are better then Strebendts? or Diaz? Parisyan?

and I guess sherk isnt very well versed in the submission game...I mean he has only won by submission 12 times

Kenflo is toast

By his record, Kenflo seems to do a lot better against strikers than