A Micro killed my friend

My friend & former co worker Officer F.E. Smith was killed 2 days ago by a drunk Micro (she blew .152, almost 2x the legal limit)

Frankie was responding to a riot in progress call when the female Micro struck him with her vehicle and attempted to flee.

she was caught a few blocks away.

Now you guys know where my Micro hate comes from.

Death to Chuuks in '08



this is a true story BTW.


May he rest in peace, man.

sorry to hear that bro...

goddamn 671. rip officer f.e. smith. hella way to start 2008

rip Officer Smith

My condolences. RIP Office Smith.

That fn sux.. I put partial blame on Mitsubishi for giving these fakas the credit to buy there crap.

Having lost two buddies in the line of duty in front of me I really feel for his family, friends, and fellow officers!!!! Never forget and his spirit will live on! He gave the ultimate sacrafice to help others, he is a hero! RIP! "Safari?"

RIP & death 2 Micros in '08.........this is our year, were taking it back!


Now do you see why I'm such an Anti-Micro Mo Fo?

Thanks guys.

Sadly, now I have to go take out my anger & fustration on all the other Micros in Hawaii because I'm not on Guam.

Oh well.....

the micro's in aiea aren't that bad are they BMFL?

keep you guys working. just joke

"My friend killed a micro"

sounds better imo


talk about job security. with all the micros out in aiea, there will always be stabbings and shit.

Just heard from some of the boys on Guam that when the Detectives brought the driver of the vehicle in...
she was so bus, that she was yelling "wheres the f*ck'n cop who hit my car?!?!?"

for those that understand, she blew a .152

"she blew a .152"

Damn, didn't know there was alcohol in dog piss

That is pretty messed up.