A million people March on Canadian capital to end covid mandates and tyranny

The fact that youre arguing this in favor of the abusive government that likely has committed crimes against humanity. As a matter of fact, thats probably who youre working for on here I reckon.

Ill post it again so the paid government shill doesnt bury it with his nonsense.

If you take a second to read my previous posts, you’ll see I actually don’t support the vax mandate or Trudeau.

But of course, you lack critical thinking and reading comprehension, so the easiest escape for you is to believe I work for canadian government.

LOL @ you!

85% of people in Canada got vaxxed. Shouldn’t the entire country be dying if the vaccine was as deadly as you say?

Covid is deadlier than the vaccine, the science has been in for over a year. Keep your head in the sand if you want.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the legislature she does not know why deaths jumped so high, but said she doubts it was caused by undetected COVID cases.

“We have been extremely transparent with our COVID-19 numbers and our COVID-19 deaths,” Shephard said during question period.

"I cannot explain those numbers at this actual moment, but the department has been asked to look at it, and it will do so as we progress through our evaluations," she said.


LOL dude you are spamming the article and ignoring the contents of it at the same time.

Ignored. YOure the only person I ignored on this forum as I dont believe in blocking/ignoring/silencing ppl, but paid for pro government shillls are the exception. And I recommend everybody here ignoring this ninkempoop.


This is what conspiracy tards do when confronted with the truth.

No I just dont like talking to people with an agenda.

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Haven’t been keeping up with this thread, so I apologize if its been posted already.


Brenda Lucki is an absolutely useless twat. The only thing she cares about protecting is her salary.

You cant have women in positions of power. They are too agreeable.


Short clip from a Canadian network combating the madness a bit more slowly…


Ill blame this on Trudeau and his woke cabinet for doing nothing to protect our children from perverted groomer pedophiles. Anyone that mentions sex organs to a four year old besides ones parents needs exterminated.


“Covid is deadlier than the vaccine”


If you do what CNN does and start the death numbers from March 2020 then yes!

If you started tracking it today… I’m not sure that it would be.