A million people March on Canadian capital to end covid mandates and tyranny

I hope an ICBM goes off course and hits ottawa, it’s filled with this kind of opinion. Best if it was vaporized really, they don’t give a fuck about our rights and freedoms and now they are trying to take away all guns and censor the internet. Capital offenses


But Muslims taking up public spaces in the West on Al Quds day to scream about killing Jews is "empowering " or a “strength” to you fragile two bit brained liberals?


Here is the document, re. gun ban.

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Nope thats fuckin retarded too

FREE government health care please.

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Hm I’m surprised by this.

There’s a bug in all of you warped progressives brains it is beyond absurd.

You guys love shitting on your fellow countrymen, smearing them at the snap of a finger while bending over backwards to do everything for immigrants that come from a culture that has next to nothing but contempt for us and our way of life / culture / heritage

It’s so absurd, it’s so traitorous and dangerous but it’s "progress " in your guys eyes.


Careful, this site is filled with rats who will rat you out to whatever gay liberal organization they can to get you banned on the OG now. So i love Jews, communists, and trudeau now

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Your word? Whose ratting lol lets get em.

I would like to know if those “progressives” would be in favour of indigenous consultation regarding immigration numbers. Canada seems to have input and consultation from this group on almost every other matter…


Im not surprised you’re surprised. You peg me for a die hard liberal. You think I want Canada flooded with immigrants when our indigenous peoples dont even have clean drinking water, and proper housing? and bringing all these people here while the amount of homelessness rises? Fuck no.

The charities I volunteer for are for our homelessness and our indigenous people and people within my community.

I wasnt very fuckin pleased either with all the money they pissed away on Ukraine.

Trudeau is not my prime minister. All politicians are crooked, and deceitful. You think Bernier, or Polievre is gonna save Canada? They most certainly will not and if Trudeau is re elected we are fuuuuuuuuucked.

Just because I think the clownvoy is a fuckin joke doesn’t mean I love Trudeau, and I certainly DONT think trannies should have drag queen hour in libraries, and that pedophilia is an excepted sexual orientation. FUCK NO!

There are many of your fellow countrymen who feel this way. Some of you are so angry that you don’t even wanna believe that.

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Fuck off you libtarded liar.

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See Red Handed GIF by Amazon Prime Video

why not forward this thread to your hero Pablo Rodriguez and see if he can’t get the OG banned for mean words. You liberals love to be rats and to hide behind politicians. We have no rights in canada any more thanks to people like you, just fucking report it all and turn it into reddit

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Lmao! You are fuckin whacko.

I come here for fun… I dont care enough to do any of that. Thats so dumb lol!

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maybe with any luck you can whine to a mod and get me banned

Nah you’re small time…

Fair enough and yes you sounding off on the freedom convoy had you pegged in my mind.

Really though. All the destruction of the land to house Islamic third world and give them the works while they are still in the same positions.

They clearly see this going on with the immigration like everyone else.


They’re trying to mandate masks in hamilton public schools again. So many retards on that board of trustees.