A million people March on Canadian capital to end covid mandates and tyranny

yup exactly. countless people think all these price increases and shortages are because of a “war” with Ukraine. not the ungodly amount of spending and economic shutdown from two years of overreacting to a fake virus.

we are getting what we deserve, what we earned.

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Fairly accurate, but Ontario is less black people now and way more brown people, not sure when as they were rare sights growing up and now they seem like 50% of the population

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Lol awesome

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It’s pretty spot on.

Signed, the part Indian wearing his cowboy boots from northern bc.


Very interesting rant here, LeDrew is highly reccomended he’s based and talks about what the majority are not.

did Bieber get covid 19 and wasnt vaccinated? he must have

Definitely vaxxed for his touring. But I guess he got better if resumed the tour at some point.

He had Bell’s palsy or something similar not sure if he recovered from that
I expect he did

Get jabbed every 3 months


This could be the sole reason the China Virus was created.
I kid.

as covid has shown us, there is an endless supply of gullible home grown clueless, gutless shitbags in this country, dont kid yourself


We know that’s his plan with both legal and illegal immigration. To replace "old stock Canadians " / get votes.

But literally everyone I talk to has said they cannot even listen or look at him anymore.

Just absolutely sickened by him…of course more than a few have said despite this they have no intention of voting. Come on people buck up for Canada!

Voting against him is almost like a punch to his face! God save Canada.


someone just told me that we spent 45million to develop the arrivcan app
anyone else hear that?
fucking Ludacris if true


Yeah that just came out , it also came out the liberals tried to lie and say it cost half of that … surprise surprise


pales in comparison with the cost of crushing small businesses needlessly for 3 years


think of all the money spent on “programs” and “incentives” and “covid policy”… its in the BILLIONS.

not one hospital or health centre built. zero change to the health system whatsoever in any meaningful way. zero new influx of doctors or medical staff or medical equipment.

literally nothing to show for the billions spent.

its so infuriating.

edit: and its like this across the western world. nothing to show for the money “spent”.

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Didn’t he also spend $600 million on an election one year after he was elected which did fuck all to help get a majority and only added one more year to his dictatorship?

That man child is a useless cunt and I hope he died a slow painful death. I want to witness something similar to what Gadaffi went through, dragged through the streets, I hope it’s by a mob of Muslim immigrants as well and some they/them purple haired fat chicks