A million people March on Canadian capital to end covid mandates and tyranny

Hopefully hes the one to die in his sleep next.


Thats nuts, wonder where they end up, eventually toronto and the GTA, they mentioned Brampton so will find them used in toronto and mississauga with the various gangs. When first heard it thought could be bikers who want to make a buck passing down to the street, but sounds like it might not be as a crime of opportunity, maybe local white trash from Peterborough and brampton is a good area to get rid of them.


And Peterborough is an alright place but as like every city has its trash brampton well, no comment lived there for a bit and inlaws from there still

Did the kanuck govt manage to hunt down and harass all of those horrid freedom loving truckers?

Who’s coming to convoy 2.0 this weekend!?!? Are a million people gonna come like last time!?

Unfortunately your gal Tamara Lich wont be attending as she was arrested for breach of probation. Freedumb!!!

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Will you be crying again because of too much honking?




Oh fuck no! Im fishing in Quebec for 5 days! Fuck watching those losers honk for fuck all lol!

Awwww wasn’t aware you liked them that big! Damn!

it’s amazing how much you tow the liberal line NH


You’re even too dumb to insult lol

Its amazing how people think clogging up a city honking, and yelling will change things :rofl::rofl:

Please. Ive been getting fat comments here for years! Doesn’t phase me in the least! Thats a big momma tho! Im sure you’d be up in that like a fat kid on a smartie :rofl:


Public protest has always been used as a tool of change by the people. It’s an important and useful part of democracy.


It’s amazing what you stupid people think NH

Have a good fishing trip tho…make sure you get a booster before you go

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Well the last time they were here did fuck all. When they showed up on their bikes and rode around in circles that didnt change anything. Maybe third times the charm though eh!? Lets wait and see!!

nah…I find you people disgusting