A Movie About Jiu Jitsu?

Check these stories out about an upcoming movie called "Redbelt." Is this gonna suck or what?



It is written by David Mamet, one of the greatest writers of modern times.

Glengarry GlenRoss, Ronin, and the Heist are some of his classic works.

I really hope this turns out great.



I'm going to tell my writer friend about this; maybe he can get Mamet to do a screenplay from his book if he gets it published.  

Anyone out there remember Mamet's Homicide?

"I really hope this turns out great."

Me too.  Although his writing is superb, I just hope he did his homework on the subject... 


I wonder why Mamet's doing low-budget action flicks like this one?

Hmmm. I recently saw "Edmond". I'll pass.

Mamet is a BJJ fanatic and a purple belt. The movie is about MMA and
BJJ. A lot of BJJ and MMA people are going to be involved in it.

I'll watch it, hell.

Whether this movie is great will depend on the choice of
cinematographer and the fight choreographer.

If they don't shoot the action just right, it'll either be too quick and
hard to follow on camera (and thus frustrating for us who are looking
forward to seeing exciting bjj matches on the big screen), or too

And the choreography -- It's gonna be hard to satisfy the tastes of
both bjj people and the general public. The general public isn't able to
follow or understand a fast-paced bjj match, so I'm afraid they'll end
up "dumbing down" the fight choreography, which might make it
boring for those of us who actually know what's going on.

It does sound like this is going to be a labor of love, so I have high
hopes. Fingers crossed.

It is tough because Mamet's screenplays are so dialogue driven, I don't know how this will translate to the big screen. I am crossing my fingers for a flying omoplata or something...

What's a bigger deal, this or that "Never Submit" movie I've been hearing about?

Is this the star?


"Set to start production in May in L.A., "Redbelt" is an American samurai film set in an underworld inhabited by bouncers, cage-fighters, cops and special forces operatives.

"Redbelt" stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as a Jiu-Jitsu master who has eschewed prizefighting to operate a self-defense studio. When he is conned by a cabal of movie stars and fight promoters, he must enter the ring to fightin order to regain his honor."

sounds like it'll really suck

Thank lord that JCVD is doing a proper MMA movie with Fedor