A mumbling and bumbling idiot (US President) saluting a woman, looking confused and lost at a community college

Delusional about what?

He’s not going to have an honest discussion about anything. Never has and never will. He’s just here to post propaganda and call everyone names. Hates this website and almost all the users but is on here just about every day. Must be a miserable existence.

As long as Trump is not running, no, the progressives will be done with politics for a cycle, thanks to Dementia and Heels Up.

Trump won the 2020 election

Trump did not attempt to steal the election once he realized he lost

the Jan 6th riot was peaceful and not an insurrection

is that enough?

only sad that MAGAlosers are so delusional

If a conservative went to reddit and did what you do here they’d be banned immediately so you should be thankful for this place and the different opinions allowed.


You MAGAs want a safe space here… we get it

But reality intrudes at times and ruins your narrative

All I really do is call out your delusions

LOL I couldn’t stop staring.

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So what’s your point? You want all maga people banned? You would like to see this place be more like reddit? And who’s we? Almost nobody agrees with any of the stuff you post. You would be the clear runaway winner in down votes if they still existed.


None of those are a big deal.

Sorry my reality based posts hurt your feelings

Not everyone here think wirh their hurt feelings. There are some solid insightful posters. They ain’t MAGAlosers

If you believe them, as some MAGAlosers here do, they are delusional/brainwashed

I can’t go to your websites and post my opinion because they’ve already been set up as safe spaces for people like you and you want this place to be just like those. It’s the only reason you’re on here everyday and you know it.



I enjoy engaging with intelligent posters here

And call out delusional losers of all stripes… it just seems our main losers here are MAGAtards

That sure as hell aint gonna change with posters like you on the recruiting trail. Anyway thanks for arguing with me. We’ll just have to agree to disagree that you’re a giant douche

Which is why they will lose support from those who can see just how insane they’re becoming.

If posting reality makes me a giant douche to MAGAtards, I accept it. They do get triggered easily when we call them on their delusions

So Biden and his mental decline is a delusion to you? Because that is what this thread is about. It’s undeniable. Right there in your face. Discuss…

EazyG is owning this thread with his trolling.

Ironic because your vibe is that of an idiot undesirable, politics aside.