A mumbling and bumbling idiot (US President) saluting a woman, looking confused and lost at a community college

Yup. Totally derailed the thread. Don’t take the clown’s bait, guys. Simply ignore him. Don’t grant him the supply of attention he desperately needs.


You are not even a good troll lol.

I know. I’m guilty. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a good argument although I know it’s pointless with that guy. I tried to bring it back to the topic and he bailed.

If it’s a Dem I believe they will be significantly left of Biden.

Biden Derangement Syndrome owns you clowns


And do you think that is the direction most of their voters will want to go further towards?

This thread is about Biden…

I’ve never seen you this triggered before and Trump isn’t even potus.
You need psychological help, my dude

It’s like a game waiting for the next bumbling biden video to come out.

Will it be today? Tomorrow?

We know it’s coming. It’s just a matter of when.



Biden lives rent Free in your MAGAloser brains

You’re right because it’s not a troll attempt when you just point out reality.

You actually missed one


It’s hard to keep up.

So much source material

Responsibility in kind…wonder what that could mean?

You are correct in stating he doesn’t have to salute anyone. Yet, we see world leaders saluting each other whether that is by a handshake or an actual military salute. They do this in kind…mutual respect I guess would have been a better description.

It is akin to you saluting your garbage man. You under no obligation too but your neighbors are going to look at you like your a wacka-doodle.

Saluting a community college teacher like she is doing something worthwhile is an embarrassment for the president. Dude shits on the actual military but turns around and salutes an art teacher.



Yeah chief I don’t think you quite understand what rent free means.

Like Biden you are probably better off just being quiet if you have no fucking clue what’s going on.

Just think if Biden declines at an exponential rate as even like btards declare him unfit to serve as President.

That would probably mean China declares war.

Another clever MAGAloser

It is the trend. Biden is more progressive than he has been in his past.

If I were a Republican I wouldn’t want Trump to run.

How could it come to this?
Surely a senile, feeble geezer would not be of much help to any lobby or-

Well, of course.