A mumbling and bumbling idiot (US President) saluting a woman, looking confused and lost at a community college

Our OG neo nazi weighs in

Don’t you have some urgent kneeling to do? Stalking is bad forum etiquette.

I have been wondering about this picture for a few days now. Just checked a “fACt cHeCkeR” source and they say:

“… Biden meant it as a light-hearted show of respect after learning that Ravitz was the mother of 12 children.”

Lol this clown show of an “administration” gets worse by the minute. Thanks a bunch “fACt cHeCkErS”, we all believe everything you feckless pieces of shit say.

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Pull up some speeches of his from the past. I was never impressed by him, but he didnt appear to have as many senior moments.

Back in the ‘90s I remember he was well known as the “dumbest man in the senate”.

This is what Biden was going for:


I respectfully disagree regarding democratic voters going further left with the progressive agenda. I’m sure my sample size is smaller or in a different region but I’m seeing more of my leftist friends slowly saying fuck this and moving a bit more center.

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You could be right. I was shocked to hear the things being legitimate discussions on the left in 2020 though. Things that would have been laughed off stage or not even dared to bring to the table except by people or groups considered fringe. As these discussions become normalized the concepts grow on the voter. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

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What you say makes sense too. I can only hope that more people fall out of that type of group think than fall in. I was along for the ride until these last couple years.

I will say as an independent it is funny to watch the Dems rage on about what Trump said and the Repubs defend with “He SAID that but what he MEANT was”…and the shoe has completely and fully switched now to the other foot. Repubs get buckwild about what Biden does or says and the Dems explain and rationalize what Biden meant.


IMO one of, if not THE, best thing Trump did (and he did a lot right) was that he exposed the fringe left for the bastion of lunacy that it is. I think that pushed some of the middle left squarely into the middle or even right of the middle.


I think the thing that got me most about when it was regarding Trump was that the left had so many more national mainstream media outlets on the job. It was constant and the endless shared articles from branches of major networks were just flooded all over Facebook, etc. It was fucking crazy.

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uh, no. the vast majority of what trump said was in fact twisted or lied about by the left

“good people on both sides”
“the virus is a hoax”
“mexicans are animals”
“trmp grabs women by the pussy”
the entire ukrain call

there was a new thing every week. get out of here with that “both sides” bull shit

on top of that they straight up lied about stuff he never said like dead soldiers are suckers ect.

the stuff biden says and trump says arent even in the same galaxy

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How does the Trump Aide taste?

The list of Trump gaffes is long. Referring to people as Balkans, talking about a wall between states that don’t border each other, etc. Congratulating the great state of Kansas for their Super Bowl win? I can’t remember if he actually said that or if it was the press. My point is that the Repubs defended everything he said and explained what he meant vs his words. The same thing the left is doing now for Biden. It’s amusing.

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While I’m not a Trump fan, I didn’t mind his gaffes. In fact, a healthy amount of gaffes is good with some presidents because it shows he’s not overly concerned with not saying stupid stuff. We have too many politicians who say nothing when they open their mouth. I’d like to have a genius as a leader but I’ll take a guy who’s not afriad to communicate his ideas.

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Yeah I didn’t mind his gaffes. What rubbed me the wrong way was the Trumpophiles that would defend stupid shit. It’s a gaffe, let it ride. The same way the Biden fanatics are doing now when Biden is off his rocker.


Yeah, totally agree.
Modern politics. The personality cult, pathologising the other half, nothing gets done but it’s never the fault of our glorious leader …

lol what stupid shit were trumpers defending? every president has gaffs or freudian slips. the media didnt focus on that though they just misquoted, took part of something he said, or straight up lied. thats the stuff we defended. we were right 95% of the time.

biden has said stuff way worse in just 7 months than trumps entire first term and they werent even slip ups. the other dumb shit he says is because he clearly has dementia and is mentally deteriorated

not even in the same galaxy as trump


Almost all the stupid shit he said Trumpers defended; it’s ok. Now the left is doing it with Biden.