A new bitter rivalry formed?

The Cubs and Astros have, since the inception of the NL Central at least, had a nice, respectful, competitive rivalry (even on here, lol). It seems that after the last two series they've played, things seem to have gotten a little more spirited.

7 games, 11 hit batters, 5 ejections, and 4 instances where teams left the benches. Not to mention all the back-and-forth comments in the papers/TV. What should have been a series full of excellent pitching matchups (Oswalt/Wood twice, Clemens/Zambrano, Hernandez/Clement) and two streaking offenses turned into a big "Fuck Me?? No, fuck YOU!!" contest.

Is this rivalry going the way of the Cubs/Cards??

ttt for Cubs fans' inputs.

It will never match the Cards and Cubs rivarly, but this past weekend definitely spilled some bad blood between the two teams....On a side note the Cubs pitching staff has had a problem all year at finding the plate.

No, I don't think so either; the Cards and Cubs have SUCH a long history of dislike for one another, it's surpassed only by the Sawx/Yankees IMO. But since Houston was in the NL West and Chicago in the NL East until 1995 (I think that's when realignment went down?), the Stros and Cubbies only played a handful of games per year.

Seems like they're making up for lost time, lol.

And yes, they have had trouble with that.

I think the Cubs/Chicago fans are making it more of a rivalry than it really is.

Nothing will be bigger than the Cubs/Cards or Cubs/Sox.

Well, Berkman's little act like he got hit in the head deal didn't help things.

With guys like Oswalt, Barrett, Zambrano, Wood, Berkman etc. being the main guys in this year's problems between the two teams, I can definitely see this lasting at least as long as these guys play for their teams.

Plus, the Cubs have been whiners somewhat this year, and add to that Wood hitting 1 out of every 3 or 4 batters and a lot of teams don't like the Cubs.

I still can't tell if the ball hit him after it came off the bat, or if it was a little "gamesmanship". FWIW, he DID have a scuff mark on his helmet, but I'm not sure if it was from the ball after the rebound, or if it grazed him.

Remlinger should worry less about the question "Did he fake it/ham it up?", and more about the question "Why was the ball going directly at his head?" A high fastball to Lance Berkman with the bases loaded is not the wisest move, IMO.

I don't mind Wood throwing inside, because I don't truly believe he meant to hit all the Astros he's hit over the last three years (the count is at 11, btw). Oswalt pitches inside, and yeah, he probably threw at Barrett. Bad move, and I don't condone it. As long as Zambrano saves all his chin music for the Cards, he's fine by me. He's just gone out and been competitive against Houston; I can respect that.

But Barrett needs to think before he acts, and should look into not making up stories for the media to justify childish actions.

The Cubs have been whining a lot this year, IMO. I think it starts with Dusty to tell you the truth. He seems more concerned about 'settling scores' than he does about winning sometimes. There was an excellent piece in the sun-times today by Jay Marriotti on this subject.


Read that article yesterday. Of course, Marrioti has to be taken with a grain of salt. He sometimes chooses a side just to make a stand and create an article that will be talked about. I like him most of the time, however.

Eric - I agree with most of what you are saying. But Oswalt "probably" meant to hit Barrett? Hahaha. At this point the Cubs must focus on beating the teams left on their schedule, which IMO is the easiest schedule left for any of the wildcard contenders.

In short - all of the early season injuries and the Cards going nuts all year doesn't matter at this point. The Cubs are sitting in a spot where it is up to them to win it, and all previous excuses are null and void.

Marriotti is a fucking assclown, plain and simple. I don't see how anybody can respect anything he writes, seeing as how he'll flip flop his opinions on any given subject in consecutive articles.

But he's mostly right about the whining. This team is the biggest bunch of whiners I've seen in baseball in a long time.

And Dusty isn't helping things by whining himself. Dusty needs to nut up and tell his players to shut the fuck up. Maybe they should be paying attention TO THE GAME THEY ARE PLAYING instead of what Chip and Steve are saying.

I think this team really lacks cohesion. There is a lot of ego and tension in the clubhouse. Maybe the pressure of having consecutive winning seasons for the first time in 30 years is getting to them, I don't know. But they are going to need to get it together, because the games with the Marlins is going to be huge.

You're right, I worded that poorly.

By "probably", I meant "almost certainly", lol

Either way, it gives Barrett no excuse to give the papers some made-up story about why he "has a history" with Oswalt that requires him to follow Roy down the line to continue talking shit. And no, he wasn't just backing up the play.


I called into one of the radio talk shows here in Des Moines yesterday and talked about how the Cubs are whining and have no excuses if they don't make the playoffs - not the injuries, not the Cardinals great year, none.

Then I said how they finally added a marquee player (Nomar) to further my point that they have no excuses and the fucking radio show host cut me off and ranted about Nomar being "damaged goods" and wouldn't let me respond! Motherfucker!!!!


Nomar is "slightly used" IMO.

He's not 100% healthy and can't be counted on every day, but he's not damaged goods.

I'm going to ttt this periodically this winter in case some good drama goes down this coming season..........

That way, we can look back and say "Oh, yeah, it all started with this....."