A new name for a MMA clothing co.

I'm thinking about starting a new MMA clothing line and was looking for suggestions for a name. We have come up with a couple, but was interested in any ideas....Thanks.

TheMarketIsSaturated Fightwear



Sorry, couldn't resist.

AntarcticChamp beat me to it....

Is that a common problem with MMA clothing companies? They don't ship their orders? What about companies like Tap Out? They seem to have their shit together...

lol @ the market is saturated...not trying to be Bill Gates, just lookin' to have fun and make some extra scratch....

no idea for a name but good luck!

what kind of gear you gonna put out? and got any cool designs yet?

The Devil's Own Fightwear.






"super macho winner tough guy"

I know, but it was just HANGING there.


Make sure you have a grphic artist/or are one because there are enough stupid slogan companies with no artistic abilities.

Does any fightwear compnay actually make enough to support itself in the long run?

I don't care what you name it as long as it sounds halfway cool but the one thing you got to do is make some shit for the super heavyweights.

Good luck man ..........................If I knew then what I know now and was not so deep in the game, I wouldnt do it.


Thanks for those who wish me well....to those who don't, fuck off. The world is full of people who say things can't be done, while other people go out and do it. (ie...some people fight and some people talk about it.)

FYI - For those who asked 'Why would you ask people to think of names for your company?' Why wouldn't I, think, who are my prospective customers? I guess I gave more credit to this forum than I should have......How about this for the name of my company?

'IKYAAFYS'.....(I kicked your ass and f'd your sister)

ummmm... since you mentioned that the members of this forum are prospective customers, you might not wanna' be telling those same people to "fuck off"...

just my $0.02... :)

1.my nuts are getting smashed in these trunks fightwear
2.bananna hammick clothing
3.not for fatasses sportswear
4.big pickle holster athletics---
thank you for your support