A new trend by America's astronauts and engineers

It’s called “jugging,” which is basically a robbery. What they do is they wait for someone to withdraw cash from an ATM and then follow them home where the future Harvard med school students rob that person.

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“all those easily visible ATMs and garages enticing black men to stalk/follow innocent people from the ATM to their garages/homes where the black men could assault and rob the innocent person”



The peoples’ Prez has the answer

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Or the future Harvard students get shot in the face if they try it on the wrong person.


Then the media will act like the juggers are the real victims.


So are they astronauts, engineers or med school students?

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I’m hyper alert - there’s no way they could follow me and not get noticed…

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Sweet, now I can call them Juggers. They were starting to catch on to basketball americans.

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You’re saying they can’t be all three?


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Eminem: ‘Being White Is So Embarrassing, I Just Want To Kill Myself’

Looks like juggers are always joggers. Anyone surprised?

Eminem just wanted to be an astronaut

Likely a mix honestly.

I don’t know about “new”…I bet it’s been going on since ATM’s have been a thing.

I’m picturing some big press conference for the unveiling of the first ATM, complete with the ribbon and the big scissors. Some suit puts a card in, gets money, smiles for the camera, and an urban youth emerges from the shadows to snatch it away from him while onlookers “ohhh” and “ahhh”.

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Cities should sue banks and ATM manufacturers for causing these situations.


Subscribed for the eventual doorbell camera footage showing these degenerates following a person home in Texas, and one subsequently dying of lead poison while the others scatter like roaches.

I think video of this has already been posted here.

They are taking up space


Basic vigilance so easily becomes habit.

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Life in a leftist shithole