A note to all fighters.....

Don't get on the internet and challenge someone to a fight. It makes you look like a total idiot when you haven't earned the right to fight someone. If you are going to call yourself a FIGHTER try and keep some dignity to our warrior sport.

My 2 pennies


I challenge you bitch!


Fine, I'm very sorry I have to do this *Slips off shoes slowly* But no we must fight *assumes Karate stance*

Mayhem, any fights coming up?

(Sorry for the highjack)

BobSappFan attacked me with a bread bowl full of chicken soup from behind in a Tim Horton's coffee shop once.

He's not to be trusted.

Lee Murray got about 20 internet challenges after UFC 46...lol

I hate white people.

YUP!, I'll even drive you to a pawn shop that buys platinum... But you'd better start working on your Muay Thai, Mr. JuJitsu...

I hate white people too!

and there's a rumor I'm fighting April 2nd......

Jason Miller

How are you doing I hope you remember me I cornered you in Hawaii in the tournament.

Is it true your fighting in UFC soon if so who??

I am going to take this right foot here and WHOP you on that side of your face, and you know what? There is not a damn thing you can do about it.


Really. WHOP!!!

I heard your fighting a hawaiian

whoa! buddy! I don't know nothin about nothin!

I heard a rumor your fighting someone from Hawaii

My freind is in LA and told me that rumor

lol.... I dunno... but you heard what I said at the superbrawl.. I ain't skeered!


Great post, agree 100%.

i challenged igor vovchanchin, he didnt respond. obviously he was terrified!

Mayhem vs. Verrissimo?