A Pictorial History Of Submission

Oh man.. People knew about ude-garamis and leglocks before 2006? This is groundbreaking stuff!!

Here's Jim Londos using the just recently invented ten finger grip with a neck-crank.

Australians were leglock pioneers!!!

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seriously though, the human body only bends in certain ways and we all need air and blood...so yeah there is nothing new under the sun, only more efficient ways of doing things...

A couple I'll try to locate later are Ed Lewis triangle choke 1916, Tom Jenkins picture perfect RNC 1906.

Nice pics!

Why arent they wearing their Gis

Love old pics like this. More pls!

Nice thread...keep it going.

Some people are never going to believe that the human body breaks in a given number of ways and that all "styles" (at some point) look the same because of this.

You might as well not argue with them. Its like trying to tell someone that those professional wrestlers aren't really hitting each other full blast.


I'm shocked.

nice thaxs for sharing...



The infamous Stecher scissors. He could catch this hold from nearly any position and angle.

"He could catch this hold from nearly any position and angle. "

just like Marcelo Garcia