A Pictorial History Of Submission



pummel - blind

Damn...arm in guillotine...their secret knowledge must have passed in a direct lineage to renzo Phone Post 3.0

higherprimate718 - I would say that it seems pretty clear that for most of human history, it was generally recognized that either boxing or grappling was the effective way to fight someone. People fought all the time, so there was an abundance of opportunities to test techniques.
it wasnt till 70s and the rise of watered down TMAs in america that shit got weird and retarded.... gracie jiu jitsu was a reaction to that, but gracie jiu jitsu is also composed along the concept of a fighting style for smaller weaker people. I bet karelin would have raped everyone at ufc 1

Some very good points.

I would say the "weird and retarded" started a little earlier than the 70's but your points are pretty accurate. A good example would be that our armed forces were taught a H2H system developed by Ed Lewis and Jack Dempsey until it was replaced by one based in TKD. Talk about de-evolution.

just in case im nt already subbed

Subd. Will attempt to sneak these into wrestling practice...hehehe Phone Post

Subbed Phone Post 3.0

Time passes, so many valued members who are long since passed from the forum.

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We used to have some lively times


Its quite apparent that the Gracies were really nothing totally new  except for their willingess to go to their back instead of worrying abut getting pinned. Many pics you see the Kimura applied from the bottom with one shoulder off the mat and hooking one leg to the outside with hips pointed up. Pretty much modified catch wrestling and jiu jitsu combined. 'no rules or points'. 

Awesome pics. Thanks for bringing this thread back to life.

Damn. Who knew these threads were still around?

I see the usual suspects are coming out of the woodwork.


The famous Tootsbar

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Maybe I could dig up some new ones now…I think it’s been long enough…

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the prodigal returns

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What’s up? I was just thinking about all the good times we used to have here. Reckon victor is still alive and pak saoing, he’d be around 80 if not close to it, now. I was actually thinking about his wacky sammartino MSG shooting stories.

this isn’t a submission, but demonstrates a excellent training methodology. When you can hold that for over 2 minutes, you’re going to be a hard man to stop.

Is that dude hanging by his fucking neck?