A pride event teaches kids to use a stripper pole

They will probably start claiming soon that you are a racist and a Nazi if you don’t let Paedophiles teach your kids how to pole dance.

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Haha. Since my daughters were born my whole life has basically been dedicated keeping them off the pole…

These parents are messed in the head if you ask me.


The Gallows is far too humane IMHO.

They wouldn’t suffer enough before they died.

These fuckers are sick.


“This happens at straight events all the time”

  • the usual OG pedo defenders

The defence is that there is no way to quantify the belief that that being exposed to a stripper pole is emotionally damaging to children.

So parents have the rights to make these decisions for their kids, and you stand for those rights even if you disagree with the parents imo

I agree with what Trav said, that a parent’s goal is keeping your kids from being on stripper poles lol

Awesome bro!

You have to be an adult to get into a strip club.

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Well, what the hell does that say about me that my first thought was a bunch of kids in the shop slaving away?

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Because people are naked and stripping. Pole dancing classes are taught in gyms nowadays. It’s not the same. It looks like they are at a public park

It is not the governments role to protect people from making bad choices. The only legitimate reasons for intervention is if those bad choices harm other people’s liberty or make a child unsafe.

Technically you are correct.

The fact the parents are willing to go there in the first place, probably means the kids are fucked even without these types of events.

Hopefully they grow to resent and rebel against their parents, and live happily as healthy heterosexual people.

What is it with these events?

Just being gay isn’t enough…you have to do some weird sexual shit to show your pride in being gay.

I doubt there is a single pride event without at least a dozen freaks doing something that would warrant an NC-17 rating.

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I must be getting old.