A Public Thank You To The Mods

I would first like to say sorry to the Moderator here that emailed me. The email was deleted by accident and I did not have the chance to respond. If you care to email me again with you're comments and or questions I will as always do my best to address them. I have threatened my employee with severe beatings if my email ever gets deleted again with out me looking at it. I was told it went to my "Junk" folder which is why it was deleted, so again I am sorry.

But I would also like to thank that Moderator too. I don't want to go into much detail about why but I am sure that person knows. I hope to hear from you soon and be able to answer any questions you may have


I was told the name was Kirik. Again I am sorry for the deleted e-mail. If you had a question please send it again.


A noob that has been providing some nice insight lately. Relax already.

Excuse my ignorance is he not a mod? If he is the owner and I have made a mistake please excuse my comment. I was just trying to be respectful.

While I try to make it here as much as possible, I guess you could say I am still new here and I do not know that many people or their roles here

  • Dave

Kirik is the rogue mod!!!

That damned rogue mod Kirik, ignore anything he says bro, he just moves threads around and puts everything important into the Herpground. Thats where all the threads get herpes :(

Dangerous stuff, the herp.

TTB for Kirik the Rogue Mod

"Kirik is the rogue mod!!! "
RIP Jacktown. Kirik must not murderize you for spilling the secret.

Rogue, good DPS....

I heard kirik has the strength of ten men!