a question about bjj

hello guys.
just curious here, i think bjj is great and i want to learn more of it. but, can somebody tell me how you possibly do bjj while standing on your feet?


oh, wait. sorry. wrong forum. this is the bjj forum. you guys wouldnt know unless on your back or knees.


(PS. im nto trolling. its just a return joke thread from the likes of a little twit named ilikebjj)


learn some good wrestling takedowns...i think there's a forum for that too

You know, Resnick, normally I don't post and I really don't respond to childish troll attempts...but, jesus give it a rest. I am a BJJ purple belt, but I love and respect judo/wrestling/shooto/catch, etc. I know these BJJ trolls can be annoying but why act like a like a little child in response. You, Oasekomi, Quincy, etc. are grown men and you compete/or have competed on a high level (most of the guys you are arguing with haven't). To be honest, over the net you come across as bitter, whining old men. I know you are not. But that is how it appears. Who gives a shit what some of the BJJ trolls say about judo. YOU know it is BS, anyone with half a brain knows it BS. I know for a fact that you and the guys you train with could and would give anyone serious trouble on the mat. Leave it at that and ignore these idiots who are just trying to rile you up. My post is NOT meant to be disrespectful, I hope it doesn't come across that way.

LOL at Resnick the troll.

not at all. and i know exactly what you mean. i took ilike's post as something humorous-- albeit in a comic book type of way.. i was meerly returning the favor. nothing meant by it other than a good laugh and to see who would bite.

all in good fun on my part. =)
ive actually trained with david camarillo and learned a lot from him. fact, he has been a member of our judo team for many years and ive known him since we were HS freshmen or so. ive got a ton of respect for bjj as a WHOLE (orignal typo. sorry). just some of the guys on this site make me LMAO.


"respect for bjj as a hole"...that may be the problem...

lol, bad place for a typo

Josh is not a troll, guys. Remember that. Opinionated b$ard sometimes ;) , yes, but always helpful and a valid member of this site. And like it or not, he tends to be right a lot of the times.

But the real answer is that in outer space, with zero gravity, there's the perfect opportunity to defeat standing opponents with BJJ - in fact, they can fall victims to such great BJJ techniques as the triangle choke even if they are upside down. So that's why I can defeat ANY judoka in a space shuttle in orbit. What are they gonna do then, throw me? Judokas rely on gravity, man!


Isn't it all judo in the end anyway?

Resnick, my bad! Just so much negative stuff here lately that I boiled over. It really is irritating seeing so much BS fly over two awesome athletes. Both Yoshida and royce deserve major props for their accomplishments in their respective arts, and for being warriors. Also, BJJ and Judo are phenomenal arts that have a LOT to offer anyone who gets on the mat and trains them. Hate to see the discord :-( Peace.

i know this thread was done in jest, but there is a strong part of bjj that follows the lead of Carlos gracie and the self-defense aspect, not just groundfighting.