A Question about MFS

It is well known that the Miletich Fighting System is composed of several styles blended together. Most notably
Muay Thai,Wrestling, and BJJ. Since Pat is a BJJ Blackbelt, do his students actually acquire belt ranking in BJJ? Or, are they just ranked in the overall system of MFS?

I trained there a few years back and they did have a belt ranking system, however it was required that you actually go through the belt system. I know when I went that BZLJJ was a blue belt in MFS.

I am not sure about thebelt rankings.  I know all of his jits classes are no-gi.  He has two jits classes.  One is beginner taught by either Spencer Fisher or Pat.  Then there is the advanced class that is taught by Pat (this one has all the pro fighters).  If I had to guess i would say they do not give belt rankings.

Do all of his affiliate schools follow the same model? Say, the new one, for instance in Aurora,Colorado?

there is a ranking system

pat was a really well rounded fighter imo,no real weaknes