A question for Ray

I have two questions actually. First of all I was wondering what your logo on this page symbolized?

I was also curious about what the worst injury you suffered while training was. Have you ever taken a blow to the head and gotten knocked out?

Hi Ridge,

The answer to your first question regarding my symbol is found on my website under "The Symbol"...Just click on the rather large logo on the start of this thread and it will take you to my site.


Hi Ridge,

Someone else asked me about the "injury" question. Here was my reply:

Mid '80 - I gave up fencing due to my knees and ankles starting to give out. I was training for the LA Olympics, but had to consider a Bachelor of Business Degree as well.

1994 - 2 X Brain Haemorrages: We did A LOT of "Dog Brothers" type sparring. Anything goes, even ramming heads against the concrete floor once you mounted them (with helmets of course, but that really didn't help)

2002 - I had a 5 hour sparring session this was with Adam and Lemon. 2 hours into the training, I had a "tightness" and pain in my chest. Had to stop and sit down for about 20 minutes. After which I continued for another 3 hours of sparring. Next day, could not breath properly and nearly passed out at the wheel........went to hospital immediately. Turns out I had a minor heart attack the day before. Was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks.

Of course within that was a lot of bruises, cuts, blisters and muscle sprains.

However...........I still cringe at some of the injuries my BJJ students sustain in their training.

I remember one time, I BADLY sprained my ankle in training......I was in crutches for weeks......but I still sparred and taught. The only difference was that I could not chase my students; THEY had to come close to me to get hit