A question for Raymond

I was wondering what your opinion of brazilian jiu-jitsu is and if you have ever practiced or thought about practicing this art or other empty-hand fighting arts. I understand that Kali has empty hand aspects, but I was wondering what your general interest is being more of a weapons person.

Hi Ridgeback,

I consider BJJ an exceptionally effective form of fighting........

I always tell my students that if I was not fortunate enough to learn Kalis Ilustrisimo, then it would be BJJ that I would be doing full time.

In fact, I make it compulsory that my guys seek some form of BJJ training; and as such I have had a few of my students doing it fairly regularly in other schools....which I am happy about.

Kali + BJJ = UNBEATABLE........and I have said this in other threads.

I consider the "stand up" empty hands of Kalis Ilustrisimo very effective; in fact a lot of kickboxer; boxer, and BJJ guys have adopted my empty hands system...............BUT, there is a hole in that I think it is very much lacking in grappling work; hence why I recommend BJJ.........

I AM going to seek private tuition from Michael in my trip this Sept to the US......he has actually sent me a video tape which I'm working through. I wanted to get lessons whilst he was here, but my priority was to teach HIM, and time was short.......and by the time we finished training for the day we were sooooooo tired. I mean 4 to 5 hours training straight, usually sparring takes it out on you.

I also like the mind set of BJJ guys.........if it doens't work they don't want to know. If it's "fancy" they don't want to know........they just want to "kick ass".

Actually in writing this, you have prompted me to start another thread........I'm going to call it "What is your top 5 favourite BJJ techniques??"


I forgot to mention that the students I find hardest to spar against are hardcore BJJ guys.........

I've got 2 students Liam (Lemon) and Adam Kayoom...if you don't clobber these guys at long or medium range, then they come in and take you down.....good and hard......the bastards :-)

On his second week of training Radek (eastern fighter) gave me a run for my money, he scored some GOOD head shots........then clinched and started with the knees.

This is what I mean about "mind set" - flipping raging bulls the lot of 'em.


Except i still have to get rid of the pussy between my legs and have my ballz drop out :)


Raymond has already begun to add a little grappling into his fight game. I sent him a video with a couple chokes from of front and he really likes them. In fact, he even modified some of the chokes so they could be done with a stick or knife.

Lemon.............your a freak!