A question for you gurus

ok i'm starting to really get into cardio but i'm so busy with school and work that the only time I can do it is after weights. i've been trying hard to get up at 5, do about 30 minutes of cardio at about 70-75% of my heart rate but have sparingly done so because i've just been so tired from school, work, homework, etc. so how bad is it for one to do said cardio above after a good weight session? will it be detrimental to my muscle? My goal is to get lean, more defined, maybe a six pack. my diet is good too. should i try to eat something after my weight session so my muscles don't get eaten up or i've read that after weights, glycogen levels are low so your body uses fat as energy. help!

"so how bad is it for one to do said cardio above after a good weight session? "

It's not bad.

"will it be detrimental to my muscle?"



nice thanks for the quick response. how much is too much cardio? i'm starting to be a cardio rat.

If you like it, do more. Do intervals sometimes too, mix it up.


consider that there are people out there training for ultramarathons IMO you can't do too much cardio if your work out are planned right.

would too much cardio be detrimental to muscle gain though?

"would too much cardio be detrimental to muscle gain though?"

Yes, but too much weight lifting would be detrimental to muscle gain too.

Let me put it this way, for the goals you asked about in the first post, you'd have to pretty much be preparing for a marathon and not lifting weights at all to have a serious detrimental effect on your lean body weight. If you continue to lift weights, and you throw in intervals once or twice per week (assuming that the cardio you like is more steady), then i think you can pretty much go wild with the cardio and might get to your goals faster than you thought.

Just don't sweat it for now. Do what you like the most, most often. You'll get your results most likely.


sweet thanks bro

is flabbergasted by MTG's post

Generally if people don't like something, they wont do it. Consistency is king in exercise. Your advice just then totally blows my mind.


Maybe he is refering to a new exercise being more taxing on the body than an exercise your body has already adapted to

i think he means that if you dont like the exercise its probably because its a tough exercise... So you should do it.

If you like it then thats probably because its easy.

Do i win??

I think you do win, jeremy. Only I also think truewrestler won first!