A Quick Thank You


Several months ago I bought a boatload of your tapes, IOUF, Shock-Ability, GTB, Zdorovye, and the first two tapes of Arthrokinetics (all I had money for at the time).
I wanted to tell you that I found them (and I hate to use this term as it is so cliched today :-)) revolutionary. I have been implementing several aspects of Zdorovye and GTB, into my own practice, so far with good result.
I also began to incorporate aspects of Shock-Ability. I've been doing a type of impact training for decades (ala Benny Urquidez). What you show on your tapes takes that previous training up about 10 notches. It's fun to watch the expression on my training group's collective faces. They think I must be nuts to play so "hard" (though we all have fun). As to some other aspects, well, I've had several opportunities to use the "saturation of intention" approach that you've mentioned. Changing my usual strategy and going for the knock down rather than the knockout, and then to taking an offered limb to an immobilization or submission (so far I've found these easier to "get" than hyperfunction [and I don't want to create a dysfunction--in this context]).
As to IOUF, it's great to be able to understand the--what, and how--of what I'm doing so I can concentrate on the who, why, where and when. Also specifically, the principle of Hyperfunction (and the question mark!) has allowed me to "get" several throws/takedowns that I've always struggled with, as it helped to explain the mechanics of how to use my opponent/partner's body (and his energy) to my advantage. Its all very cool.
The first two tapes of Arthrokinetics set the stage beautifully to understand the theories and principles of joint manipulation and subject control. I have spent several years of study in Chin Na, Aikido and Submission Wrestling and can say that in my experience no one has explained this area of study as well or succinctly. I can't wait to see the remaining tapes in this series.
In the last month I bought the newly released Fisticuffs series. I haven't had much of a chance yet to work with the material. The holidays and all, I'm sure you understand. But on fist glance it seems to be another incredible addition to the knowledge base you espouse.
All of this makes me eager to get the Bayonet series.
On a side-track, I wanted to thank you (and Tony Blauer) for supplying the impetus for throwing my training on the ground and taking a hard, long look at it. I love that process, having done it many times in the past. I love the inherent potential(s) for growth and change within the process. . .
I have been reading some (I'm not through all of it yet) of the ROSS forum material (as well as the ME). The idea of a Doctrine (personal, as well as systematic) makes incredible sense to me. It is equally incredible to me that no one (again in my experience) talks about things like this (except for you and Tony Blauer).
So, thank you for sharing the ROSS training system. I look forward to future communication with you and other members of the ROSS community.

Chuck Kechter