A quiet place

A quiet place

"He said to them: come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." ( Mark, 6:31 )

The exhortation of Jesus to the companions is of singular importance to the disciples of the Gospel in all epochs.

It is indispensable to learn about the "quiet place" in which the Master awaits the students for the constructive repose in His love.

In this precious symbol we find the intimate sanctuary of the heart, thirsty for the divine light.

At no time did the Lord make reference to the locations of solitude that would be conductive to meditation, where one could customarily encounter vivid reflections of human nature. He was referring to the silent chamber situated within our own selves.

Furthermore, we cannot forget that the spirit thirsting for divine union upon emerging into a superior idealism encounters itself disturbed, in profound isolation in the world, in spite of being of daily service, and in conformance with the infallible plan from on High.

In the secret temple of the soul, Jesus Christ awaits us, in order to reinvigorate our exhaustive strength.

Men initiated the search for a "quiet place" choosing the shelter of monasteries or of rustic areas; however, the teaching of the Savior is not located in the external world.

Prepare yourself to serve in the Divine Kingdom, in the city or in the field, in any season, and do not seek senseless rest, convinced that, quite often immobility of the body is torture for the soul. Before anything else, seek to discover, within you, that distinct "quiet place" where you will find rest in the company of the Master.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel - Francisco C Xavier.

Or.......  They were tired.

Ever tried resting in a noisy place? Some people read things out of context and introduce lots of "extra" meanings and symbolism that really isn't there.

Yeah, you are right.

I believe though that Emmanuel used the sentences as a source for inspiration, not to establish new symbolisms.

In Portuguese we like to embelish texts with metaphores, and I think that is what he did.

Oh, well then.... now I get it.



It is possible, Jewish meditation was quite mainstream in those days.

Was it? That is interesting. Thanks for the info, MS.