A re-match doesn't address the problem

What caused 3 judges to score the fight like they did:

-Bad scoring system for MMA? If so, there needs to be an all-out effort to fix it or create a new one. If UFC fights are affected, maybe Zuffa could take the lead.

-Incompetent judges? If so, the problem needs to be addressed and they need to be removed. There has to be methods in place to hold judges accountable.?.

-Athletic Commission corruption? I'm sure the UFC wants to fight in ALL the States, but damn, if this is going to be a consistent problem then they might have to steer away from "problem commissions" in the future.

Any way you slice this, ignoring the issue won't make it go away. A re-match equates to ignoring the issue.

corruption. MMA is becoming Boxing and it was inevitable.

 Uh, A Rematch is and will solve everything. There is nothing more to be done, but for these two to fight again very soon.

HeAdShOtZ -  Uh, A Rematch is and will solve everything. There is nothing more to be done, but for these two to fight again very soon.

Will it possibly correct the outcome of the original fight? Maybe, if Shogun wins. But a rematch doesn't address the issue of poor judging. A lot of these judges basically need to be taught how to judge MMA.


I think it was the "imcompetent" judges and rematch will do wonders for that. I believe that the reason Lyoto won was that the judges had an image of him as being an unbeatable fighter and it took them a few rounds to understand that he was actually getting his ass kicked. I think that the image is pretty much gone now and the judges might even be on Shogun's side in the rematch.

It just the way we try to make sense of the world - everybody has those preconvictions (or frames if you will) and tries to interpret the world through those preconvictions. I just wish that Shogun would've been on a more level ground to start with, but I guess it will be different the next time.

It took me a while in the first Nog - Fedro fight to comprehend that Nog was not just luring Fedro into his game to setting up the sumbissions, he was actually getting mauled.

The fact that UFC fights are scored round per round might amplify this problem, especially as there's only 3/5 rounds and scoring 1-2 rounds incorrectly makes a huge difference. With boxing's 12 rounds it's different, there's plenty of time to adjust (and as it's a more limited sport, the judging is easier).

What Problem? Seriuosly...

...and the judges also need to understand more about MMA in general. Eating one solid leg kick from someone like Shogun would probably make them understand that yes, leg kicks can end fights.