A real Idiot

Hello to all,

If you LOVE forum wars....click on the below link and go the the "Floro Fighting Systems" thread, then find the "Fencing Champion my ass" thread.


That is intense... All over a video recommendation. BJJ circles are civilised compared to that.

From what I know of the Phillipines, this sounds awfully dangerous. If I got that kind of e-mail from a Thai (where I come from), I'd really start to watch my back when I'm home.

Which answers the question why Dan Inosanto has never stepped a foot on Filipino soil........too many idiots over there wanting a piece of him for being a great ambassador to FMA to the US.........

Somethings wrongs with that forum - half that post got scrambled or something.

Hmmm, I have heard only good things about Mr. Ricketts from my friend Rey Galang however his posts seem way out of character for what I have heard. I would hope someone in a position such as Mr. Ricketts wouldn't actually post in such a disrespectful way and using such foul language in public. Seems quite odd.

On a side note, I never met Mr. Ricketts but I do know Rey who is closely connected to Ricketts and I once asked Rey about Mr. Floro and he was nothing but respectful. Very odd way to behave in public by posting that way.

Ray, shoot me an e-mail.
My computer crashed and I lost everything.
Please resend me those pictures if you could as well.
I got only part of your phone message earlier.

ttt lMAO

Interesting. I had heard only good things about Chris Ricketts as well, prior to this incident.

Damn, that's crazy! I never expected somebody like Christopher Ricketts to publicly speak like that. I guess that's just another example illustrating that martial arts "masters," when it's all said and done, are just people like everybody else and with people, some are respectful and some act crazy.


Hello Everyone,

All "Masters" are just people with a particular skill, nothing more and nothing less. Many think to much of themselves and therefore develop a huge EGO! Any supposed violation of the EGO then sets them off. This only hurts the arts they practice, and their continued development.

All the best
Steve L.


Has Inosanto really never been to the Phillipines? Damn! That is amazingly sad!

lol@the thread

naturally, all useful forms of MA have some type of sportive/sparring aspect, and that makes it athletic!...

so jocks are us is right...(although I'm no jock unfortunately

I can't believe how that thread is a total JOCK MAGNET.........it just doesn't stop.

It's getting to beyond funny?!?!?......in fact I think it just turned into a joke!!!!

Well I found me funny anyway. :)

I agree Stu...........

It's just a real shame that these "learned experts" only post when they want to snipe at people....rather than contribute their knowledge to help others develope.

I'm still scratching my head.......?!?!

Yeah comedian I have to agree, Ray Floro is one person that definately doesn't fit the image of a "Jock". Hell that would mean he at least had to do some exercise and I know Ray went to Bible college but somehow I think exercise was explained as the work of the devil.

This is the man that does a warm up sitting on the floor yawning.


The "Book of Leviticus" gives us guidelines on how to live life and what to eat and what not to eat.....and the New Testament even gives a parable of eating anything you want.....

But show me anywhere in the Bible where they said you need to do a push up or a stomach crunch......LOL!!!

And Lemon........it's ok for you to eat PORK!!! Shalom.

Ray is such a nice guy. He always looks so happy while trying to poke me in the head with his sticks.


Hey Jagg,

It really gets on my goat that some people in the Philippines automatically think your filthy rich, just because you are living in another country.

They refuse to believe that we try to scrape a living and try and meet our bills just like them.....

u can eat all the pork u want fatboy