A Realisation

Hi all,

Happy New Year to all ROSSafarians and ROSSoholics alike.

I thought I may share with you a realisation of sorts that I recently had. I should mention that this was before I watched Fisticuffs, but by watching Fisticuffs my understanding was enhanced, anyway better get to it;

Most of us don't move.

That's it. Very few of us spend time moving for the sake of moving, modern society has told us it is not important, we are always walking somewhere or getting something, and as a result are not focussed on how our bodies are moving. If you don't believe me try walking to work or wherever with the internal focus that Scott describes in Fisticuffs, not thinking about your movement but [i] experiencing [/i] it. I guaran-damn-tee you one thing, it's not easy. I think this is why systems like ROSS that focus on movement as opposed to techniques are the way foward.

Just thought I'd share