A really killer Gi deal if you are Tiny


This is a Killer deal. Unfortunately they sold out of most sizes in a heartbeat. I nabbed one for my kid. Can't beat $120 off regular pricing!


Second vote for ???


Lazy fucks. Go to eBay and type that in. It won't let me edit or paste the link and I'm on mobile. Phone Post



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thanks for the heads up man. buying one for my boy right now.

Is "size 2" the same as size A2, or are these kids gis?

ano8tsixxx - thanks for the heads up man. buying one for my boy right now.
bought one for my kid too. A2 for a 4"9 90lb, guy said buy a size up and dry it it should shrink perfect.

strict- not sure man, i assume they are just small versions of adult Gi's. after all they are double weave and official Jean Jeaques Gi.s They are $175 on Budovids right now


Just got the Gi. Lightning fast shipping. It's an incredible quality Gi. Nicer than anything I own personally. It is definitely NOT a hit weather Gi. It's a thick and intense Mofo Phone Post

Anyone else get one? Phone Post

Was going to but read to many negative reviews. Did you have any issues with shrinking or letters coming off?

Nope. That's an old version. Washed this one 3x inside out and dried in dryer. Shrunk to size. Wish they had one in my size. Best Gi I've ever felt! It's pretty damn impressive Phone Post

This is the Machado Signature Gi. And LOL @ even thinking twice on a Gi that is essentially $39 shipping and is still $175 on BudoVids. Phone Post

emotion #13 - This is the Machado Signature Gi. And LOL @ even thinking twice on a Gi that is essentially $39 shipping and is still $175 on BudoVids. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

just asking for your input man. some of us dont have 50 bucks to waste.


they are obviously talking about the machado signature gi.

Joker Jitsu - Sep 10, 2009 10:06 PM
Via e-mail:I ordered a white Adidas gi around four weeks ago. The gi itself is great. It is made of high quality materials and comfortable. It looks great as well. The only drawback is that the large "ADIDAS" logo on the jacket and the pants are iron-on transfers, each letter being separate. While I have had no problem with the pant transfer, the one on the jacket began coming off the very first time I wore it. I was able to peel off the two "A's," and the "S" but the rest would not come off. I wrote the distributor (Seka-Sports) ,who initially got it to me in a timely fashion (about 1 week), and they said that they would send me an ADIDAS patch to cover the area (it has not yet arrived). I also suggested that they use patches instead of iron-on transfers. They said that they would take my suggestion under consideration.

Joker Jitsu - Sep 10, 2009 10:06 PM
Via e-mail:They never sent the patch they promised. Then the iron on "ADIDAS" came off of the pants. They ignored my follow up e-mails. Top shrunk substantially, despite washing it in cold water and hanging to dry. Bottom line: Too much money for the problems and lack of support.

Joker Jitsu - Sep 10, 2009 10:09 PM
Via e-mail: I was really disappointed in the gi myself. While it is a very comfortable gi, it is very expensive and is not the best quality gi for the money. I had the same gripes as the other person whowrote in about the gi. I washed my gi in cold and it shrank so much that I had to sell the gi to a friend of mine who is smaller than me. I also couldn't believe that they would put iron-ons onto a grappling gi. Hello what are these people thinking. I have had a lot of trouble with gis that the Machado's make and endorse.

Joker Jitsu - Sep 10, 2009 10:09 PM
Via e-mail: I can only apologize for those who have been having problems with their Machado Signature gis. These gis were originally designed with Jean Jacques Machado to be compared with the best in the market. While the material and cut are very good, there have been some individual incidences where people have had problems with the heat-pressed logos particularly with the first batch that were released two years ago. For those that are still having problems with your gi whether purchased through our distributors or ourselves, I ask you to contact our offices at Seka-Sports, inc. and I will personally try and help you to resolve the issue.
Seka-Sports now have the adidas Machado Signature gi and the adidas Brazilian gi available specifically designed for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Each of these still have the Heat Pressed adidas logo. We have had no further problems selling these gis worldwide to date.

 ok so buy 2 patches. the Gi is insanely tough and well made. I can see lettering coming off but to me that wouldn't be a deal breaker to be honest.

you do know you can simply put on a new patch, right? that's if they come off. it says on the care tag to wash it inside out to avoid things like that.

 Hmm interesting. I may have to review one.

the lettering coming off wouldnt be a deal breaker for me either but the shrinking would be. I've had problems in the past with heavy weaves that wont stop shrinking.