A refugee from Sherdog

our humour is off-colour

Off-colour humour is my favourite.

"im from England and I get "our" humor. although im yet to hear you say anything funny."

Lol, nicely put.

I don't think the English have a problem with humour.

The UG is about a million times better than Sherdog. Fact.

lol I approve of this thread

LOL its no different here than Sherdog. Same people post regularly at both forums LOL.

Fucking hijackers just scared away a refugee... ahem, I mean evacuee. My bad.

^^ You sound like the idiot to me...

Your trolling isn't even funny.

LMAO @ Master Tang. Not with you mate, AT you, what a nob!

u england types spell funny!!!

I fell asleep for a moment and this thread got even worse....