A rewarding instructor story-good 2 hear sometimes

i've got a college age student. reminds me of myself and friends in school; asian, not athletically built, but just a nice guy. so he and a friend joined up for once-a-week no gi at the waikiki school and he's been religiously coming every tuesday night. i see him working really hard at the basic moves, but when he drills w/ his friend, he is normally on the short end of the stick being smaller and lighter (friend also had a little bjj already).

so he comes up to me tonight w/ a big smile on his face and says, "hey, i'd like to upgrade to unlimited training." so i tell him that's great. he then continued, "yeah, the other night i was out with my friends and they (started chiding) asked me to roll w/ one of the bigger guys in their group." then he has this big-eyed happy look in his eyes, "YEAH AND I TRIANGLED HIM!?! OH MAN!" i was really happy to see that the basics are still tested and work out there. (no, the opponent wasn't a d1 wrestler) but i was proud of him that he's found his groove.

anyway, just thought i'd share this short story. not too many things make me smile like that when it comes to bjj. too much politics, posers, and fucktards out there to tire a guy out, but i tell you, stories like this make it worth while.


Good for him. Hard work pays off. Wish I learned that when I was in college.


I'm glad the story did not end, "The guy watched the Rampage/Arona fight and the next thing I knew, I woke up at the hospital."

Good story.

nah mike, this guy doesn't look like he'd have those kinda friends. that would be more your crowd at mai tais. lol


There's a student at the daytime O2MAA class that told me that "Jiu-jitsu saved his life"

No more drinking, drugs or suicidal thoughts after joining up

Gracie Jiu-jitsu FTMFW!

Soooooooo, you were a nice guy in college?

GregHonda - Soooooooo, you were a nice guy in college?

fren, there's always an element of fiction to all my stories

I like to see the nonathletic, somewhat awkward,not in shape guys improve and in the middle of rolling or drilling BOOM pull something off! Always makes me crack the fuk up.....I get the same way watching my daughter.

It's expected of the studs for them to perform well, be aggressive and pick things up fast, but the average/below-avg joe is much more rewarding imo and isn't that what jiujitsu is really all about?

rofl at Mai Tais.  You want to have a good time and then have a Great story, then head to Mai Tais

dc knows exactly of what i speak. oh brutha

DC is one of those guys you speak of. lol. See you at Mai Tai's DC!

actually i think there's much to dc that is very unMaiTai. at least, that is what i hope.

Actually I cant stand the place.  Whole lot of fake people.  To me the best place to go was the old Magoos before they expanded then shut down.  Everyone, including the women in the place was there for 1 reason.  To get fucked up cause the beer was so cheap. 

hey didn't moani keala navarro work there? at least i heard that from somebody. this explains much.

FCTV808 - 
GregHonda - Soooooooo, you were a nice guy in college?

fren, there's always an element of fiction to all my stories

 I was JUST about to say the same thing. LOL

I happen to be one of those fat out of shape non athletic people this story is talking about.

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