a sad day for me.....

The realization finally came. Last year I had a baby girl who has changed my life in more ways than I can say. My schedule from 7:00am to 11:00 PM is NON STOP. I am taking care of her, my dogs, going to work, and training/lifting 5 times a week.

About 3 days ago I moved my snake rack a few feet in my basement. I took out all the water bowls so that water wouldnt spill all over the place. When I finished my wife called me up to help her and I made a mental note go put their water back in. Well I did put it back in...........today.

Fact is I have no time. I feel as if my once loved hobby has become a chore, something I never want my hobbies to be. I felt today as if I was neglecting them, and that doesnt sit well with me. Today was the first time that I thought about only having one (pet) snake and not being to torn over it. I didnt have to much trouble picking which ones I would get rid of if I had to, and that bothers me.

I love snakes, they have been a source of constant intrigue and fascination for me my entire life. I have had kingsnakes, corns, milks, house snakes, different rainbow boas, redtails, helped a burmese, balls, and probably my favorites being carpets. At one time (when I had little responsibility) I had 20+ animals and loved the time I spent working with them. The same cannot be said now unfortunately. I am going to sell all but two of my snakes. one that is a beautiful Irian Jaya, and one a normal plain jane corn that was one of my first ever snakes named "jaws". Of course I will still be around because I like to talk snakes, give advice, see cool pics etc. but for the most part I am hanging up the snake hook.

I hear ya man.. Although i never have been one to have 20+ snakes at a time i've been very close to doing something like that many times.I also end up feeling guilty when i can't spend the time i want on each individual snake.It's why i got rid of my Irian Jaya, and may still get rid of my Cali King.

Nothing wrong with downsizing, espcially because you're doing ot for all the right reasons.

Spankenstyne, what are you still keeping?


I still have my Cali King, my Tangerine Honduran and my Uromastyx..I'm seriously considering getting rid of my snakes period and just concentrating on the Uros, i'm finding it infinately more rewarding.

Uromastyx,Ive been taking an interest in those lately...they do well in captivity?

I dont have kids yet(hopefully never will..lol)but I went through something similiar.I dated a girl from about the age of 17-21(Im 24 now).And we really collected quite a few reptiles during that time(4 sugar glidars as well).And then come time for the relationship to go to shit we have to split all our animals up while trying to do it fairly(she ended up with most of them.)

So I was single as hell,working,going to school and trying to maintain a new social life as well.I just didnt have the same enthusiasm toward reptiles that I used to have.So I sold 3 geckos,a snake,and released a box turtle back into the wild.The only thing I had left was a single leopard gecko that Ive had since I was 15.My ex gf got rid of most of hers as well.And to tell the truth its been pretty cool just having one reptile,feeling like a beginner but knowing damn well that youre not.

The moral of the story keoni,is that reducing your collection would probably be best for you and your snakes.The only hard part is dealing with the thought of what their new owners will treat them like.At least,that was the hard part for me.

p.s.I just discovered this forum,pretty cool.

Uro's make expectional pets, providing they get the proper care.Gotta be HOT HOT HOT on the hot side, up to 140 or so on the hotspot is fine.Lotsa room to roam, and a proper diet of balanced veggies and leafy greens and you get a very personable and cool little lizard.They live a long time too, much longer than say beardies.

Yeah I read somewhere about how hot it has to be.Theyre the species that wasnt discovered until 1997 right?I wanna say in Ethiopia or Egypt or something.Are Uros insectivores as well?Or strictly veggies?Sorry to ask so many Qs,but you probably know more than those kooks in the pet store I go to now.

All I know is I want a big ass desert lizard lol.I like the bearded dragons ok,but I always see them trying to climb the glass in their enclosure even when theyre in an awesome set up.And I hate that.

Whats the average lifespan of a Uromastyx?

99% vegetarian.Maybe a cricket or two a week as a treat but not needed.People are also now starting to find their growth rate increases dramatically with burrowable soil, and they dig giant burrows apparently.Something i'm about to try soon when my lil guy comes out of brumation...Still so little is known, they are relatively new to the pet trade compared to everything else.I don't think it was '97 when they were first brought over, but maybe a particular subspecies was? I'll have to look into that, interesting at any rate.

So far the consensus is 20+ years potential lifespan, pretty much a dog's lifespan.Hard to say with herps though, some have snakes die of old age at 15ish, and some have been kept in collections and zoos for over 40 years.

Always happy to talk Uro's.I'm fairly new to them myself and i'm always learning and researching as best i can.Picking the brains of those with more experience with them is how we all learn :)

Sounds interesting Spankenstyne. I think if I ever went off snakes, I'd get just one beardie.

Spankenstyne:I tried to find the old reptiles mag that I read the article in but couldnt.Anyways,I think it was called a "Mali Uromastyx",unless Im totally confused and mistaken(which is very possible).Is that the same Uromastyx that I always see for sale in pet stores?

I remember the first page of the article had a picture of a middle eastern lookin kid who was standing in a fairly deep hole in the sand holding a uromastyx and a shovel.Or maybe the shovel was sitting next to him.At any rate,I believe thats why so little was known about them until recently becuase they spend most of their lives underground.And that definietly supports this theory....

"People are also now starting to find their growth rate increases dramatically with burrowable soil, and they dig giant burrows apparently."

And I think the same applies to many other reptiles that are becoming popular in the pet trade such as most tortoises.I think it would definietly be a good idea to give your Uro some kind of bedding he can dig burrows in.And Im sure it would be interesting to watch him do his thing as he would most likely dig tunnels that run along the side of the glass.

One more Q,are they finding much success breeding these guys in captivity?Are the eggs difficult to incubate?

Deer Fern Farms are one of the first to keep and breed Uro's.I think even they are the first to breed em in captivity, but that was the early 90's.Taken from their site:"History of Uromastyx at Deer Fern Farms: We take our Uromastyx very seriously. Of all the reptiles we've worked with over the years, none can compare to the Uromastyx as a companion / pet species. They are our favorites, hands down. When we first encountered Uromastyx in the early 90's, only Egyptians and Ornates were readily available. We fell in love with Ornates and were one of the first in the U.S. to successfully breed and hatch this species in captivity. Sudanese then became briefly available in limited numbers and we acquired and had some limited success with a few pairs of that remarkable species as well. Shortly thereafter, the first Mali Uromastyx entered the U.S. and soon the importation floodgates opened for Mali Uromastyx just as the importation of the other species effectively closed."

Now its starting to make sense:)So does that mean you have a Mali Uro?Im starting to want one lol.

Yeah i have a Mali Uro.I plan on using these as my future breeding project, possibly getting into Ornates too maybe.They just have so much personality, so very cool with their fat bellies.

Someone strait up got a gang of maruaders together, armed themselves to the teeth with Uro weaponry and high jacked my cry me a river thread.

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lol sorry Keoni,I thought about that.But the HG is so slow we could probably have all our conversations on one thread.

I am just messing with your guys. I am up for reptile jabber.