A sad day

LT is offically not a Charger. Damn.......

Two million was too much.

Putting aside nostalgia, I would have thought Chargers fans would have been relieved. His production has declined steadily over the last three years, to a point well below the performance of an average NFL back.

Maybe that is because Turner quit giving him the ball and throwing to him?

303 - Maybe that is because Turner quit giving him the ball and throwing to him?

 I am not talking yardage, but yards per rush attempt. The last four years he has gone 5.2, 4.7, 3.8, 3.3. Unfortunately that trend is consistent with the majority of running backs his age in the salary cap era.

Very sad indeed.

Now they're going to let Sproles become an UFA.


whats the back field going to look like if Sproles goes too?

I wish the best to Lt going to miss u here in diego but hopefully you will get that ring........

on a side note what if the chargers win the SB this year without Lt how pissed would that guy be, again what if

I understand letting LT go - he's reached the age where it's dangerous to tie up too much money on him.

And I think they'll try to resign Sproles.  I still don't know if the NFL is convinced he can be an every-down type back - San Diego included.  He'll get an offer from another team, and SD will up that offer to keep him a Charger.  It's a gamble by San Diego, but it's one that could save them quite a bit of money.

Alco Stat - Sproles and LT combined for 316 carries for the 13-3 Chargers last season.  Nobody else on the team had more than 30 carries. 

if the pats pick up sproles, someone needs to slap A.J. Smith

No, no, I like what SD is doing now, its good for KC.

Sproles can't carry the load by himself.

If they had traded LT and kept Turner, they would have been in a better position. The fans would have made a fuss though, which is probably why they didn't.