A Safer Neck Bridge by Dr Rosi Sexton, BJJ BB

After a recent podcast episode in which talked quite a lot about neck injuries and neck strengthening (https://www.grapplearts.com/rosi) she was kind enough to send me a short video about why she doesn’t like the traditional wrestler’s bridge for most people and a safer alternative.  This is that video.

If you don’t know who Rosi Sexton is she is a physical therapist, multiple degree holder, mathematician, and the first British woman to fight in the UFC. Oh, and a BJJ brown belt. Quite an amazing story really…

Thanks she's great.


Me and my neck thank you!

Much appreciated

GaryG - Me and my neck thank you!

Much appreciated

You are very welcome. I think our situation, where we hope to practice BJJ for decades, is very different from a college wrestler where they have to peak in a few years and do a sport where bridging on your head is absolutely, necessarily part of the game


There's a world of difference between correct bridging and the monkey see-monkey do half assery that tends to cause trouble for people with no legitimate/reputable wrestling experience.

And most wrestlers at the collegiate level have around a dozen years of bridging(flat footed, nose to the floor) prior to stepping foot on the university wrestling room mat.


Damn that’s smart.

Cool! Also, she's a black belt now, as of fairly recently.