A sane mans top HW/LHW


1. Fedor - till he is beat. Decent striker, quick hands with lots of power. No business trading with the likes of CroCop, but he probably wouldn't be that ignorant. Best GnP'er ever.

2. Nog - a bit one-dimensional but has the potential to beat anyone given time on the ground. Huge heart.

3. CroCop - the future of MMA. Deadly striker learning to sprawl and defend on the ground. If he gets to the point you cannot take him down, or if he develops Liddell skills to get back to the feet - watch out!

4. Sylvia - I think he will get exposed on the ground by Arlovski. I think he would get destroyed banging with CroCop.

5. Barnett - Not active enough but serious skills and very experienced. Lets see what the future brings.


1. Silva - Way over due for #1. Years undefeated as a very active and dominating fighter. Hugely underestimated ground game and a just plain lethal standup. He has been #1 for years and not gotten the credit he was due.

2. Couture - The greatest ring general of all time. Super adaptive. Incredible clinch game. Capable of controling anyone remotely close to his weight.

3. Rampage - Tito's game plus plus. Very underrated standup and deadly slams. IMHO Rampage does everything Tito does, just better.

4. Liddell - Very loose striking style opens him up to a bit too much abuse. Potential to KO anyone and is a pure grapplers worst nightmare with his ability to sprawl and regain footing.

5. Belfort - Fast hands and decent ground defense. Scrambles well, very athletic. Serious questions can be raised about his mental strength. Threw a punch that was much closer to a whiff then a clean hit and struck gold against Couture.

I'd take Arona and Tito over Belfort, for sure.

Arona is super dangerous and IMHO could beat Vitor fairly soundly, yet he has not been active and we have not seen him tested against any of the others - so how can we rate him? Vitor at least had the close match with Liddell even if the Couture fight told us nothing.

I have the same problem with Arona that I have with Tito and even a bit with Vitor. You need to be active IMHO to be worthy of top ranking.

i just saw a list on usa today that has 2 golfers listed in the toughest men in america

Dan Henderson anyone?

Sylvia should be 3 at the lowest.

Mino, Cro-Cop and Fedor would all beat Sylvia.

theres alot of hate against Tito on this website, but to not have him ranked top 5 LHW is rediculous

I think of Henderson as a top MW, but admit the guy is top grade. He fights guys that are too heavy, like Sak - so he is tough to nail down to a weight class and skill level.

Randy DOES NOT deserve to be ranked over Silva. Silva has not be beaten in years and years. Randy is like 2-3 or something in the last few years. I know it is not a popular opinion, but I think Silva beats Randy. Regardless, Randy just lost his belt (abeit by fluke) and Silva didn't.

As for the "guy who destroyed #1 and #2" on my list you CANNOT be talking about Vitor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you are not. Vitor lucked out in both cases - extremely lucky in the last.

Sylvia could not beat Mino, Fedor or CroCop IMHO.

Your lists are dead on in my eyes. The only thing I would consider changing would be to list Couture and Silva as a tie for #1. I can live with it like it is. Arona belongs nowhere near this list. His wins are very controversial imo, too close too boring.

Good top 5's.

Couture should be number 1 for sure. Silva hasn't fought a hign enough level of competition in a looooooooong time, with exception of his Rampage fight and Rampage was handicapped due to his much tougher fight with Liddell.

Tito has to be in there above Liddell, who doesn't belong in top 5 anymore. Arona can not be top 5 until he defeats someone decisively. He squeaks by everyone in long boring close decisions. I think Cro Cop is too high but can see this being highly debatable.

i think the lists are perfect the way they are

good job sandman

"Mino, Cro-Cop and Fedor would all beat Sylvia."

So this about who you think would win? Rankings are about accomplishments. Silva is unquestionably #1 at 205. Fedor is at Heavyweight. Now Minotauro and CroCop both have a fairly recent loss. Sylvia is like 18-0. FINISHED Ricco the former champ and #1 contender McGee. So there's a case for Minotauro currently being ahead of Sylvia, but not Cro Cop. When you are talking about the top guys in the world one loss makes a difference no matter how quick they bounce back.

I am certain that Sylvia would crush Mino because Mino can't take him down but possibly once or so.

Sylvia would take Cro Cop down. People just don't realize how good he is.

Sylvia would have a tough fight with Fedor right now but could definitely win it.

What do ya think Monte?

Perfect list.

"Sylvia would take Cro Cop down. People just don't realize how good he is."

Uh huh, and what evidence have you seen that Sylvia can take Crocop down? BTW, did you see his fight against Jorge Rivera?

Nice to see some intelligent and mature debate.

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