A Silva afraid of Curtis Stout ???

this article below leads me to believe anderson is not planning on defending his virtues with his fists against Curtis Stout on dec 3. If thats the case, Who will stand with curtis. Anderson cannot take stout down. Hes probably never shot a double in his life. Get ready for a new top 5 middleweight after dec 3. :)

Muay thai duel on December 3rd

Anderson Silva last fight was in April, when he defeated Jorge Rivera at Cage Rage 11), nailing the middleweight belt of the British MMA organization. Now, the muay thai star is in his way to England again, where he is going to face Curtis Stout at Cage Rage 14th, on December 3rd, at the Wembley Conference Centre, in London. According to Anderson, it is going to be a duel between two muay thai experts, but may be decided on the ground. "I might use my Jiu-Jitsu skills, it will depends on what happens during the fight", says Anderson.

Interviewed by GRACIEMAG.com, Anderson assured he's been training "a little bit of everything, giving some priority to the wrestling game. The aim is to get to England in great shape and to achieve that he's counting with some famous friends such as Jose Pele Landi-Johns, who is training to fight at Jungle Fight IV, on November 26th.

"We try to train as hard as we fight. We just have to be careful to avoid any kind of injury", ends Anderson.

ha. Im just having fun. Curtis doesnt seem to get any respect so I like to point things that are humorous to me out. Professional ? ask anyone who knows me, we are professional. hacks dont get to where we are. Anderson is a quality opponent but this is going to a blood and guts war. I speak for myself, not curtis. He doesnt bother with the internet. I dont blame him.

i seen stout fight david louiseau at TKO in montreal before and they had such an even match it was boring to watch.
thats because they are both top fighters in their weight class in the world.

good luck to curtis in this fight.



well, fighters have times in their careers when they finally get their game together and start to peak if they keep moving forward. The fight with Prangley in the UFC even though he was soundly defeated, changed his training and his fighting. He is no longer the smaller man in the ring and with a new team and training partners he is starting to put it all together and live up to his potential. Anderson is one of the top 5 in the world and this is going to be a great fight. usa fans have not seen his last 3 outings because they were in england but the ufc needs people like stout to get action in fights. But Pride is expressing interest also. Im so excited to see pride opening up a stand up division of their organization at the bushido weight classes and the heavies. Curtis would be a perfect fighter for that division and the mma side too.

The fight with loiseau was a tough one. Loiseau is considered the elbow master and the moste exciting ufc 185 pound striker. I would love the ufc to offer a rematch in a cage with curtis in the near future. Franklin wanted no stand up with curtis in their superbrawl fight but we are religious about wrestling and bjj the last year so his overall game is improving. Fighters grow and change and get better. People need to remember his 3rd mma fighte EVER was in the ufc against phil baroni but that was in 2001. Its 2005 and things have changed. I think talking a little trash is fun because theres no doubt at the end of the day all professional fighters and trainers respect the quality opponents they have to deal with . Anderson is just going to meet his match. I think it will be andersons most difficult match ever. we shall see. Peace.

no, i just find it interesting that he doesnt plan on fighting the way he is known for. Standing up. says alot. Say what you want, its going to be a hell of a fight.

"People need to remember his 3rd mma fighte EVER was in the ufc against phil baroni " - It was only Baroni's second fight.

Why would Franklin choose to stand with someone he can easily beat on the ground ? It's just a matter of strategy.

Nothing in that article says that Anderson won't stand with Stout("I might...etc"), he just mentions he's been working hard on his wrestling and jj, improving his game, just like you say Stout has been working on his wrestling and jiu-jitsu as well.

Many of Curtis' losses were for my organization, and there was no shame to any of them - you are talking about a great athlete that until recently, used to basically train himself...

The Castro KO was brutal though

Silva should be afraid, very afraid!

True, but nowhere near the same power. Better luck on the next election.

ttt for the experts.

nice to see such a politician prognosticating fights.

lol @ Anderson being afraid of anyone.

he'll trade with ANYONE. i respect curtis, but if he's overconfident about standing and trading with anderson he's in for a short night.

The way I see it its the other way around... I think you might be right about the short night though.

because, he knows he could possibly get overpowered , and hurt on the feet. something he has never faced in in mma before.

I'd say Rivera, Horn and Murray are all pretty dangerous on their feet.

ZEALOT66 i think anderson is in for a good tough fight...i think curtis is a better striker then chonan and he held his own with silva...where is stout training and how much weight is he cutting ? thanx in advance

Silva has one of the best standups in the 185lb. I agree with JBlaze, Stout will attempt the takedown after losing the standup.