A.Silva v Lee Murray

After years of hearing people mention this fight, finally watched it on Fightpass.

1. Some of you have rosey memories. Murray was never in control of that fight.

2. Lol at the venom of the crowd after the fight. Shouting and throwing water bottles into the cage.

3. What did Silva give to Murray after the fight? Murray threw it away/on the ground/back at him.

4. Brad Picket getting his mate to record the ring girls as Silva enter the cage.

What sort of money were these guys fighting for back then?

Was anyone here at that event?

In for answers.... Phone Post 3.0

Someone post the weigh in staredown melee

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And just think, less than two years after this fight Murray would be in Moroccan prison for a 50 million pound bank heist. Phone Post 3.0

i think he gave him a mini flag after the fight that he threw away. but it has been a while since i have watched the fight so i could be wrong

I was at the weigh ins and watched the fight cageside. Weigh in was fucking awesome, i sat next to lee for part of it, he was talking to me about one of the ring girls, suggesting how it would be possible to pull her panties to one side. It was fucking hilarious but i will admit, it was my second ever weigh in and i was a tad over-awed

they had shorts given to them to fight in, with numerous flag patches. Lee realised he would have to fight in shorts with a Brazilian flag on and made quite a show of saying fuck having this flag on my shorts, sat there ripping the thing off.

you've probably seen the head-to-head and lee saying 'you're going dahn' until he was dragged away, leaving an unintimidated Silva standing there screwing about the disrespect.

fight happened, everyone from south London crowded around the cage, saying they were in his corner. Most intense atmosphere of all time. Lee suffered a fuckin almighty bruise to his thigh.

afterwards, Silva pops over to troll him by handing over the discarded Brazilian flag patch from his shorts. Lee told him to fuck off or something like that. Fin


the intense weigh in

In the cage, under sport fight rules and regulations, Silva all day.

On the cobbles, Murray wins.

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Ironically Murray calls him Pele and Pele advertised viagra...

Flannerz - Ironically Murray calls him Pele and Pele advertised viagra...
No, I believe he says "you're going down like your mate Pele"
Referring to him win over tother Brazilian Pele Phone Post 3.0

Why are you letting the truth get in the way of a cheap gag?!

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In for lee Murray gangster story's

There was a legit thread on sherdog back in the day talking about him but half the posts have been deleted now Phone Post 3.0

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MMA Playwright - In the cage, under sport fight rules and regulations, Silva all day.

On the cobbles, Murray wins.

I can't agree or disagree, Murray is a natural born killer.

I think we saw two gypsies here from different countries fight in a cage.
I'd love to have seen Murray dedicate his life to the craft, it would've been special.
But who to judge, it doesn't get more memorable than what he's done already...

Lee Murray is one of my all time favorites. He was very very fucking legit. He could've been world champion. He had an amazing amount of talent

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the intense weigh in

this was great. I missed this as I was stuck in traffic lol