A. Silva vs. Chonan cancelled ?

Apparently, the match between Anderson Silva and Ryo Chonan has been cancelled for the 12/31 Pride "Shockwave" card.

Several Japanese sites are reporting this to be so.

Zak Arnold at Puroresupower.com is reporting this as well. Zak mentions on his homepage that politics involving a Brazilian MMA faction may be the cause of the cancellation. He does not mention the name of the supposed Brazilian political power involved.

Could it be the Gracie's ? Remember, initially Chonan was rumored to be fighting Crosley Gracie on this card, and then just as quickly, Silva's name is mentioned as Chonan's opponent. Why ? Is Silva a better draw in Japan than Crosley ? Crosley looked pretty good in besting Mach Sakurai. So did Chonan for that matter.

If I had a choice, I'd opt for the Chonan / Silva fight myself.

thats too bad, I like watching both guys fight and I was especially interested in seeing Anderson return to Pride.

Fightsport has been saying for awhile that it always was Crosley Gracie to fight Chonan.

More likely, Chute Boxe (former team of ANDERSON) used there power in PRIDE to cock block the 'traitor'.

Fightsport say a lot of things.

"Fightsport say a lot of things."

I'm not sure what you mean by that. I'm just reporting what Fightsport has been saying all along. C. Gracie and Chonan was always the fight PRIDE wanted.


is anderson with btt now?

Politics=Fans getting screwed

I believe Anderson Silva is with his own team.

Now according to Sports Navi Japan, the fight between A. Silva and Ryo Chonan is back on. Alot of attention is being given to this fight, even though it is a prelim.

Check the link below (C&P) for story and photo's