A simple pleasure?

What is your simple pleasure(s)?

For example:

I love a heavy shower with soft beads and the water stays hot for a long period of time. Like an extremely heavy rainstorm. If I could design my own shower I would have 2 heavy showerheads, both with high volume expulsions. However, the important aspect is that streams are soft. ....meaning that they shouldn't hurt me when they make contact with my skin. Phone Post

Restfull sleep Phone Post

My right hand ...BEEP Phone Post

I prefer an angry shower but yeah.

Also like watching people read & write.

Coffee and a book outside on a sunny morning

Choking hookers, not enough to kill them but just enough to let them know what's up Phone Post 3.0

A good clean shit, only one test wipe needed. Phone Post

My bitches rubbing my head. I go into a trance. Phone Post 3.0

Mencken -

Coffee and a book outside on a sunny morning

This although I prefer it when it's slightly overcast Phone Post

Popping ant bites.

Sam Ortiz - 

My right hand ...BEEP Phone Post

Sam's right hand for me as well.

A deep restful sleep on a quiet and rainy Sunday morning. Phone Post 3.0

8:30RezAtDorsia - My bitches rubbing my head. I go into a trance. Phone Post 3.0

For a pleasure-to-effort ratio, a set of nails running lightly over my head or back cannot be beat.

It's like 80% as good as getting a blowjob but she's doing 5% of the same work.

A nice warm mug of hot chocolate with a bit of whipped cream on a fall day.

A cold beer on a summers day when fishing at either dusk or dawn.

Watching tough guys come out of the closet on the internet.

Walking through Chicago in the Fall with a cup of Hot tea. Phone Post 3.0

Riding up a chairlift by myself on a warm spring day. I find the humming sound of the lift and sunshine on my face very relaxing in between snowboard runs. Phone Post

I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, slow moving trains and rain.


A walk in the park.


I love going for walks in the park, either by myself or with my wife. Just 5 minutes I find refreshing. I just like ot look around and enjoy. There i a serenity that comes with observing the people and the nature. I like to learn a little fact about the park this way on my next wakl I can go look at something in a new way.

If it is a small park I'll just sit and watch the dog run.

One of life's great pleasures for me.


Central Park is my favorite. Somtimes I take a few pictures.

I have an obsession with the American Elms in CP



I totally agree man!

Especially in the fall when the leaves are at the peak of changing colors. Phone Post